Halloween Nail Art Ideas

We love an excuse to dress up and Halloween has to be one of the best. Ghostly ghouls, wicked witches, spooky skeletons... and the standard people wearing a sheet (there’s always one).

We’ve got your halloween nail art covered. Read on for some simple halloween nail ideas as well as more challenging, drop dead gorgeous nail art techniques.

Quick Halloween gel nails

Orange and Black glitter nail art

  1. Paint alternative nails with two layers of Black and Orange gel nail polish, curing each layer.

  2. Apply your chosen glitter. We recommend Gold Glitter with a base of Midnight Rendezvous or Purple Orchid. Or why not try Tinsel Tips with a base of Midnight Rendezvous?

  3. Thin the glitter out towards the middle of the nail.

  4. Once happy cure in place

  5. Apply a layer or gel polish top coat to seal the gel polish and the nail glitter and you are ready for trick or treating.

orange black halloween nails
Credit: the laquerologost

Black and red glitter Halloween nails

  1. Paint nails with two layers of black gel polish (we love Midnight Rendezvous), curing each layer.

  2. Sprinkle red nail glitter (try using the Red Glitter Puffer) at the top of the nail, thinning as you reach the half way point of the nail

  3. Apply a layer or top coat to seal the gel polish and cure.

Nail art tip: When using glitter for your nails you might require 2 coats of top coat to achieve a smooth finish.

black red glitter halloween nails
Credit: Sarah Anderton

Both of these techniques work really well using Midnight Rendezvous black gloss gel polish, Purple Orchid, Royal Heir, Orange Fizz or Kiwi Squeeze

Nail art tip: You can create more glitter effects by using our Nail Glitter Puffers mixed in Base and Top coat, this gives you more control over the glitter application.

Cool Halloween nails - Tim Burton Inspired nail art

No one does spooky fun better than Tim Burton and we just love these halloween nails found on ETSY.

  1. Paint alternate nails with two layers of black and white gel nail polish, curing each layer.

  2. With the Striper Nail Art Brush, paint black vertical lines down one of the white nails. Cure.

  3. Using the Marbling and Dotting Tool or Striper Brush, paint a simple face on another of the white nails. The best way to achieve the eyes is to start with two small dots of black gel polish and work outwards to make them larger. If you make any mistakes, simply tidy up the excess polish with a nail art brush and some removal fluid.

  4. Cover one nail in Silver nail studs, glitter or Silver nail stars to draw attention and add some glamour.

ghost nail art
Credit: unknown

Quick Halloween nail art - Black lace nail stickers

This is a super easy way to update your current nails for Halloween.Simply stick the Black lace nail stickers over each nail.

You can trim them to size if needed with nail scissors.If you want them to last, cover with a layer of top coat and cure. If you want to remove them after a few hours, just press them on well and avoid doing the washing up!

These nail stickers look just as good over Clear ge nail polish - look at these ones by Olivia O’Dwyer.

lace nail art
Credit: Olivia O'dwyer

Blood red ombre nails for Halloween 

We love ombre nails and they look great with red and black gel polish for Halloween.You’ll need some foil and a Fan nail art brushfor this technique.

  1. Drop one dot of red gel polish and one dot of black gel polish slightly apart on a piece of foil.

  2. Apply each colour to opposite sides of the fan brush then blend.

  3. Paint onto the nail and cure.

halloween ombre nails

Credit: @lunaloveschocolate

Spiders web nail art

Simple but spookily effective.

  1. Paint nails with two coats of black gel polish (try Midnight Rendezvous or Little Black Polish). Cure each layer.

  2. Using the Marbling and dotting tool, Apply a small dot of white polish where you want the center of the web to be, carefully drag the dot in different directions to create the lines. Once happy, cure.

  3. Using a fine nail art brush or orange stick, draw lines, like shallow 'u' shapes connecting the web. Once happy cure in place.

  4. Apply gel nail top coat and cure again. Remember to wipe the nails with cleanser on a lint free wipe.

spider nail art
Credit: @lieve91

Halloween cat nails

So cute! We think these are appropriate all year.

  1. Paint nails with a clear or pink shade such as So Rosy Cure each layer (if applying more than one coat)

  2. Paint the nail tips with black gel polish and cure again.

  3. To create the cat, simply use an orange stick or dotting tool paint two upside down triangles above the black nail tip and fill in the centre to create the curve of the head. Cure again.

  4. Use the Dotting tool to paint two oval shaped eyes in white gel polish - cure.

  5. Dot two green dots in the centre of the white ovals to finish the eyes. Cure one last time. Meow!

cat nail art
Credit: Brit Morin

Halloween nail art videos

For more advanced halloween nail art, Watch StephDollStatus’ Halloween SensatioNail Nail Art how-to video.

Check out our Inspiration page for more halloween nail art ideas.

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