New SensatioNail Glitter Bomb Collection

We’ve added six stunning new glitters to the SensatioNail Original Gel Nail Polish range.

Each colour in the Glitter Bomb collection contains hundreds of glitter particles to create an amazing shimmer and glint effect. Each colour can be used as just one layer for a subtle shimmer or apply around three layers for a full glitter effect.

lilac lustre glitter gel nail polishLilac Lustre

This amethyst glitter shade has a blue tone which gives it a gorgeous depth. On it’s own this colour will be perfect for spring and summer. Wear over deep blues such as Blue Yonder or even black gel polish on darker days or for a more glamorous evening look.

pink glitter bomb gel nail polishFuchsia Fireworks

The name of this gel polish really says it all! This pink polish contains hot pink glitter particles which catch the light amazingly. Over a simple base coat, this shade is perfectly pretty but turn up the heat by wearing over Pink or Red gel polish.

blue glitter bomb gel nail polishPeriwinkle Pixiedust

The cutest name for the cutest colour. Periwinkle Pixiedust is a clear polish with mid-blue glitter particles of varying sizes. Wear on its own for blue glitter perfection or use it as a top coat over blues or greens and lose yourself in visions of sun-drenched holidays on paradise islands…

glitter bomb gel nail varnishTriple Twinkle

This is a glitter unlike any other. Named Triple Twinkle because it contains three different glitter colours suspended in clear polish; micro purple glitter particles, larger pink glitter particles and larger orange glitter particles. What a delicious combo! Layer it on for a full throttle glitter effect or wear as a top coat over any colour. We defy any glitter lover not to fall head over heels for this one.

clear glitter bomb gel nail polishGilded Glamour

This is already a favourite at SensatioNail HQ. Clear polish with rose gold and gold micro glitter particles. It looks amazing on it’s own, layered over pinks, reds, whites, nudes… the list goes on! Suitable for all occasions and totally on-trend, this is a must-have glitter staple.

green glitter bomb gel nail polishGlitter Glade

If you’ve been looking for something different, then this might be just the ticket. Glitter Glade is a clear polish containing blue, green and yellow glitter particles. For a subtle, fresh look apply a single layer over Base coat. For a stronger pop of colour, apply three coats or wear over green or blue gel polish.

Shop the full Glitter Bomb Collection. And if you really can’t get enough glitter and want a more solid glitter look, you can even add extra sparkle in seven different colours from our range of Glitter Puffers and loose nail glitters here!

All the new SensatioNail shades are available to buy as part of our 12 for 8 deal. Don’t forget, all SensatioNail Original Colours come with a choice of free accessory too!