Gel Nail Polish Removal Tips

Gel nail polish looks great and can last for weeks. Because it holds for longer than conventional air-drying polishes, it takes a little longer to remove. So here we offer our top tips on how to take gel nail polish off without leaving anything behind. For a full step-by-step guide, check out our blog on how to remove gel nails at home.


Because gel nail polish is hard-wearing, it’s more difficult for the acetone to penetrate all the way through. So before you start the removal process, gently buff the entire surface of the nail. You don’t want to buff so hard that you reach the natural nail. Instead you just want the entire surface to look slightly matte. 


Once you’ve applied the acetone, either using the foil method or the soaking method, you may notice some nail polish is left behind. If they’re either small flecks, or large areas of loose polish, you can get these off using a removal tool. But if there are large areas of stubborn polish that are stuck fast to your nail, don’t buff, scrub or scrape these off, as this could damage your natural nails. Instead, gently buff the surface of the remaining polish and repeat the soak or foil process. 


Our gel nail polish remover is designed to nourish your nails, but it’s not as kind to polished surfaces. So no matter how steady-handed you are, it’s wise to cover the whole surface you’re working on, and keep it free of any items you wouldn’t want to get splashed. 


If you’re finding your gel nail polish particularly difficult to remove, there are some steps you can take before you apply your new colour. For example, using a primer can help your nail polish stay in place for longer, but if you have dry nails, it could make the removal process trickier. Those with drier nails can still use primer, but only a very small amount will be needed. Alternatively, you could use a peel-off base coat, which means you won’t need to use nail polish remover at all.