bottlesblogFinding the right nail polish colours for dark skin doesn’t need to be difficult. The SensatioNail colour range has many exciting shades to suit all types of skin colour, so you don’t need to look any further to find the right shade for you.

Our stunning collection includes fantastic nail polish colours for tan skin. If you’re naturally dark or have been working on that summer tan, then we recommend going for our sultry Espresso Bean nail polish. This dark chocolate brown really sets off darker skin, making you glow with a smoky sophisticated look. It works with any wardrobe so you don’t have to worry about changing your nails every time you change your clothes.

If you want to really show off that bronzed look then choose our alluring Pink Daisy. This hot pink will not only deepen your skin tone but will brighten up your outfit. If it’s hot weather, make sure you show off those toes as well and make the most of your perfectly matched nail polish.

Our must-have nail polish colours for brown skin include bright, bold shades that really complement deep, dark skin tones. For something sophisticated and stylish you need Purple Orchid – a magnetic shade to really dazzle and show off your luscious brown skin.

For something bright and classical try our Scarlet Red nail polish. This dramatic shade will really get your nails noticed and add a splash of colour to even the most simple outfit. If you want to feel confident and stand out from the crowd, this colour is guaranteed to draw attention to your style.

Whichever colour you choose, you can be sure of a radiant, mirror finish and salon quality nails that will last for up to two weeks. Let your nails shine with SensatioNail’s show stopping colours.