Pedicure Tips nail polish on the beach and in the ocean
The sunshine season is well and truly here! Make sure your feet are flip-flop ready with a SensatioNail gel nail pedicure.

Use your SensatioNail gel nail polish kit for perfect pedicures this summer. With SensatioNail you get a high gloss, damage-proof pedicure with a mirror finish, with no chipping, lifting or cracking.

Whilst our gel nail polish lasts on fingernails for up to two weeks, it can last on toes for six to eight weeks – even if you are in and out of the pool all the time. This is simply because toenails tend to grow more slowly than fingernails.

Easily removed in minutes (with SensatioNail Remover or acetone) and with zero drying time too, you're ready to go straight away...

  • Walk on the beach
  • Slip on your sexiest summer heels
  • Dive into the pool
  • Pull on your festival wellies
Pedicure Tips nail polish in the ocean

Here are a few tips for preparing your SensatioNail gel nail pedicure:

  • Remove any existing nail polish
  • Next, soak your feet in warm water for 15 to 20 minutes; it's a good time to relax with a good book
  • Pat dry your feet with a clean towel and cut/shape your nails in the shape you desire
  • Next file nails with a nail file and buff with a nail buffer
  • Push back cuticles with an orange or cuticle stick
  • Exfoliate dead skin from your heels with a pumice stone, then wash feet again and pat dry
  • Gently massage your feet with a foot scrub, then rinse and dry
  • Now apply your polish
  • AFTER your pedicure gently massage feet with a moisturising lotion or cream (you can’t do this before unless you make sure you remove any cream from the nails and cleanse or the polish won't stick!)
  • Top tip: Use the SensatioNail Pro Manicure and Pedicure Kit to remove dead skin, shape nails and keep cuticles in good condition.

For the ultimate beach glam, we love sparkly toes. Try some of our favourite combinations shown below using your glitter puffers or polishes. Don’t forget to share your top combos and toenail-selfies with us!


Pedicure Tips nail polish swimming pool

Our Recommended Combinations

Coral sunset with Tangerine glitter

Island Oasis with Silver glitter

Beat the Heat with Gold glitter

Scarlet Red with Gold glitter

White lily with Silver glitter

Sunkissed with Tangerine glitter or Gold glitter

Need a gel nail kit? Get a SensatioNail starter kit. It has everything you need to create perfect at-home gel nails and gel pedicures.

Pedicure Tips nail polish beach

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