Gel Nail Art Tutorial: How to Create Abstract Pink Nails

Give your gel nails an extra touch of flair with this simple nail art tutorial. Nail art may seem finicky, but with a little guidance, you can create stunning effects amazingly quickly. In this article, we’ll show you how to create an abstract pattern that looks way more difficult to achieve than it really is.

What you'll need: 

Four gel nail polish colours. For this, we’ve used Made Him Blush, Precious Peony, White Lily and I'm the Black Sheep.

A base and top coat

Fine nail art brushes

Dotting tool

LED lamp


How To Guide: 

Watch the full video here, or follow our step-by-step tutorial below: 

Step 1:

Prepare your nail. Use the SensatioNail file (available in our starter kits) to shape your nails, then gently buff them to remove any shine from the natural nail. 

Use the cuticle stick provided to gently push back your cuticles. Cleanse your nails using the lint-free wipes and Gel Cleanser.

These items are available in our Stater Kits, or separately. 

Step 2: 

Using the fine nail art brush, lightly dab on patches of your first gel nail polish colour (Made Him Blush). They don’t have to be neat or uniform, and can be different for every nail.

Then clean your brush and dab on some patches of your second colour (Precious Peony). Don’t overlap the colours, and leave some gaps between each colour.

Cure fully under the LED lamp.

Step 3:

With your dotting tool, paint a white oval on each nail using the White Lily gel nail polish. Again, these can be positioned in different places on each nail.

Cure, then apply a second coat to each oval shape. Cure again.

Step 4: 

Using I'm the Black Sheep, use the dotting tool to apply little black speckles inside each white oval.

You’ll find that the dots get smaller until you apply more polish to the tool. That’s ok - the dots look even better when they’re different sizes.

Step 5: 

Take a very fine nail art brush and add a small amount of I'm the Black Sheep.

Apply three diagonal stripes to each nail, drawing the brush from the edge of the nail towards the centre. Vary the position of the stripes for each nail.

Cure and repeat.

Step 6: 

With your dotting tool, fill the remaining area of each nail with white dots.

Again, there’s no need for them to be perfectly uniform. Cure under the UV lamp.  

Step 7: 

Apply Gel base/top coat, remebering to cap your nails as you go.

Cure for 15-30 seconds.

Cleanse away the tacky layer using your cleanser and lint free wipes.

That's it! You're officially a dab hand at nail art!