Four Wickedly Wonderful Gel Nail Ideas for Halloween

Halloween is the perfect time to experiment with whimsical gel nail art. Here are four ideas that are so simple your friends will think witchcraft is involved. Or that you've been to a salon. Either way, you'll look fiendishly fabulous. 

Cute Halloween Skulls

Skull nail art Halloween

Photo by Allison Christine

These little skulls are so easy to create. Start with a clear base coat, and on two of your nails, paint the tips with White Lily gel nail polish. Extend the white half way down your nail, in a rounded shape at the bottom. Cure under a UV lamp. Then, dip a very fine nail art brush in black gel nail polish such as I'm the Black Sheep, and draw two triangles for the eyes. Beneath that, draw two small dots for the nostrils. Then, still using the black polish, draw a thin, smiling mouth extending all the way across your nail, and finish by adding 'stitch' marks all along the length of the mouth. Cure, then finish with two layers of top coat. You can either leave the remainder of your nails with clear polish, or paint them with Eternal Flame, a shimmering red/orange gel nail polish. 

Simple Ghosts

Ghost halloween gel nail art

Image by Eye Candy Nails (Licence).

We love this Halloween nail art idea by Eye Candy. If you want a sparkly base coat like this one, go for Rose Gold Glitter, but this simple design would go well with any gel colour of your choice, or even clear gel nail polish. Apply two coats of your base colour and cure under the UV lamp. Then, with a dotting tool, draw the ghost shape on one of your nails using White Lily nail polish. Cure and apply a second coat if necessary. Then, with the dotting tool, apply two small blobs of I'm the Black Sheep gel nail polish as the ghost's eyes, and a 'jellybean' shape for its mouth. Cure again. If you want to add a finishing touch, dab some Luscious Lemon onto the body of the ghost using a fine gel nail art brush. Cure again and finish with two layers of top coat. 

Orange and Black

Spider web Halloween nail

Image by Reeh Frada (Licence).

Experiment with basic orange and black combinations for a striking seasonal look. If you're off to a party and need a quick nail fix, this is your answer. Paint your nails with two coats of Eternal Flame gel polish, curing under a UV lamp after each coat. Then, using a dotting tool, apply I'm the Black Sheep in whatever way takes your fancy. Try horizontal stripes, spots, or a spider web, like this cute design by Reeh Frada. Simpler still, orange nails with just one black feature nail on each hand looks pretty funky. 

Pumpkin Manicure

If you haven't yet checked out our Pumpkin Manicure how-to guide, now's the perfect time to give it a try. Dark blue nails with a cackling pumpkin feature nail is fun, freaky, and surprisingly easy to achieve. The guide also contains some useful tips on how to prep your nails before trying your hand at gel nail art. 

We'd love to see how you got on with these ideas, so do let us know by tagging @official_sensationailuk in your Instagram pics. 

Header image by Allison Christine.