Four Easy Gel Nail Ideas for Christmas

Let’s face it, we’re already hearing Christmas songs on the radio, and chocolate santas are appearing in supermarkets everywhere. It’s time to embrace the festive spirit, and start seeking out some seasonal gel nail ideas. But don’t worry, we’ve done the hard work for you. Check out these awesome looks that you can achieve in minutes. 

Let it Snow

There’s nothing quite like a white Christmas. And even if we only get rain, your nails can still have a gorgeous frosty sparkle. Prep your nails and apply two coats of White Lily. Cure, then apply silver glitter to the tips. Apply more thinly as you approach the centre of the nail, for that gradient look. 

Image by Nic Senior. Licence.

Christmas puds

This Christmas pudding gel nail art is sugar and spice and all things nice. Apply Raisin the Limit to your nails. Then, using a dotting tool, apply White Lily to the base of one feature nail in a ‘dripping’ pattern, with the drips pointing away from the base of the nail, then cure. Clean the dotting tool, then apply two dots of Out of the Red into the centre of the white area. Cure again, and finish by adding a simple holly leaf using Left Me Jaded. If you like, you can add a little shine to your red berries by adding a tiny dot of White Lily to each one. 

Image by Eye Candy Nails. Licence

Chrome for Christmas

Look tinsel-tastic by adding a Chrome Powder to your collection this Christmas. Our gorgeous green shade is just perfect for the season, or go one step further and alternate with rose for an even more festive look.

Simple snowflakes

Conjure up a wintry night with this super simple snowflake nail art. Paint your nails with two coats of Blue Yonder and cure. With a fine nail art brush, paint a simple, thin cross in the centre of your nail, using White Lily. Then draw a shorter, diagonal cross in the centre of the larger cross. Hey presto! You have a gorgeous snowflake. Using a dotting tool, dot smaller flakes throughout the remaining space.