Easter Nails

We just love Easter. Spring flowers are blooming, the bunny rabbits are out and about, we get to enjoy a long weekend and there’s a mountain of chocolate eggs to feast on.

SensatioNail fans have been sharing their Easter nails with us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. We’ve picked a few fab examples to show you how to get the look at home.

Spring flowers

easter spring nails
Thanks to sophammie for these mood lifting nails. You’ll be guaranteed to brighten everyone’s day with these stunners.

  1. Get the look by painting nails with two layers of a bright yellow such as Beat the Heat yellow gloss and cure.
  2. Use the Marbling and Dotting Tool to create the flowers by applying small dots of white (use White Lily Gloss) in circles and finishing with a small dot of orange in the centre. Cure.
  3. Finish with a layer of No-Wipe Top Coat. Cure

Spring Blossom

spring blossom nails

Hairspray_makeup_me created these beautiful spring nails using SensatioNail.

  1. Paint nails a hot pink. Try Precious Peony, Kitten Heel or Express Gel Teenie Weenie Pinkini
  2. Paint your feature nail(s) white and cure.
  3. Using the Striper Nail Art Brush, paint branches using black Midnight Rendezvous, I’m Express Gel I'm The Black Sheep or a dark green gel polish such as Force of Nature. Cure.
  4. Then use a light, such as Pink Chiffon or A Dozen Rosa’s to add the blossom and cure.
  5. Finish by painting with a layer of No-Wipe Top Coat. Cure

Mini Egg Nails

mini egg nails
Yum! These Mini Egg inspired nails look good enough to eat.

  1. Paint nails with your chosen colours and cure. Pastels work best for this.
  2. Drop a blob of brown gel polish onto a mixing tray or piece of foil. Try So Chic or In the Shade.
  3. Using the Marbling and Dotting Tool, add messy blobs of different sizes to the nails. Don’t worry about being neat - random placement and size works best for this. Cure.
  4. Finish with a layer of Matte Gel Top Coat and cure.

Image found on Pinterest

Easter Bunny Nails

Easter Bunny Nails
We had to give these nails created by @yokonailart at shout out. Just look how cute those easter bunnies are!

  1. Paint nails in your chosen colours and cure - pastel gel nail shades work well for this.
  2. Using the Striper Nail Art Brush and a contrasting colour, paint a semi circle and fill in to create the bunny head. Then carefully paint the outline of the ears. Cure
  3. Use the Striper Nail Art Brush or Marbling and Dotting Tool to draw eyes on top of the cured semi-circle head. For the carrot we recommend Orange Fizz and Matcha Madness. Cure
  4. Finish with a layer of No-Wipe Top Coat. Cure