Double-tipped and Micro Manicures are the Hottest New Gel Nail Trends

Last year, the messy manicure was all the rage. This year, two new trends are emerging - the micro and double-tipped mani - and they’re just as quirky. They’re also super easy to apply at home with gel nail polish. Here’s how to get the look.

The Double-Tipped Manicure

Trend-setter and jewellery genius Betina R. Goldstein posted a pic of a gorgeous double-tipped mani on her instagram towards the end of last year, and since then the look has started to catch on. In a nutshell, it’s a classic French gel manicure, with an additional white streak just above the cuticle. 

To get the look, we recommend going with short nails, so that the white tips are narrow. Prep your nails and apply your base coat, as you would with a regular manicure (for full instructions on doing a French mani at home, see our step by step guide). Apply thin, white tips and cure under your UV lamp. Then, we recommend using a stencil to mirror the tip at the base of the nail (tip: you can make your own stencil using masking tape). Then cure, apply top coat, and hey presto! 

Use a cleanser to remove any residue from around the nail. 

The Micro Manicure

Image by Nicole Beauchamp via Flickr. Licence

This elegant take on a classic look is going to be big this year. Again, follow all the usual steps for prepping your nails and applying the base coat. We recommend a clear or ultra-sheer base, as subtlety is the key with this look. 

When it comes to the tips, apply the tiniest line of white. Short nails are best for this look, but the line can be even thinner than the natural nail tip. Once cured, use a cleanser to tidy up the finished look. 

Get the Kit

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Header image by Sarah Cervantes via Unsplash.