Differences Between Express Gel and SensatioNail Gel

Express Gel is an all in one gel manicure product, so more like applying normal nail polish than SensatioNail Gel but both are cured under an LED lamp.

Curing under the LED lamp means that Express Gel is strong, chip resistant and long lasting - just like SensatioNail.

Speed of application and lasting

Just like SensatioNail, Express Gel has the finish of a professional gel manicure but it doesn’t require base coat, top coat or cleansing - making application much quicker.

Express Gel can be applied in five minutes and will last for 7 to 10 days. SensatioNail Gel application can take around 20 minutes, will look plumper and will last for up to two weeks.

five minute manicure


Both SensatioNail Gel and Express Gel must be cured under the LED lamp to dry the gel.

Cure time will depend on the lamp you have.

Older SensatioNail lamps may require a 60 to 90 second cure for Express Gel and 60 second cure for SensatioNail Gel.

Newer SensatioNail lamps and the Express Gel lamp will need a 30 second cure with Express Gel and a 15, 30 or 60 second cure with SensatioNail Gel - depending on whether you are applying colour or top coat.  Darker colours need a longer cure time than lighter shades.

gel nail lamp

Consistency and number of coats

SensatioNail Express consistency is slightly thicker than SensatioNail standard polish.  However you will find you need to apply less as it is freer flowing.  

Top tip: Don’t load too much Express Gel colour onto the brush or you might flood your cuticles, make sure you wipe it on the side of the bottle

  • Express Gel requires two layers of all in one polish. Each layer must be cured.
  • SensatioNail Gel requires one layer of base coat, two layers of colour and a layer of top coat. Each layer must be cured.

Both products also work well with 3 coats of polish – for example in case you want to layer glitter over a colour

Both Express Gel and SensatioNail Gel have a high shine finish. Top coat is built in to Express Gel to achieve the high shine finish.  On SensatioNail Gel, Gel Top Coat is applied, cured and wiped to achieve the high shine finish.


Express Gel colours are £10 each. Each bottle contains approximately 24 applications.

SensatioNail Gel colours are £12.50 each. Each bottle contains approximately 20 applications.


Both Express Gel and SensatioNail Gels are light sensitive. Although they come in light protective bottles, they must be stored away from direct sunlight and heat.

As with all gel manicures, Express Gel and SensatioNail Gel manicures can fade slightly in strong sunlight or if you use products containing DEET or lanolin.


The removal process is the same for both Express Gel and SensatioNail Gel. You can choose to use foil removal wraps, the soaking method or Nail Shields. Find out more about how to remove your gel manicure here.

gel polish removal