Cracking gel nail ideas for Easter

Easter gives us a great excuse to try out some fresh gel nail looks. It’s all about the pastels, pinks and petals, and we’ve got a candy-box of ideas for you to try. So here are our four favourite gel nail polish looks for Easter.


Whether you’re a dab-hand at nail art, or trying it out for the first time, eggshell speckles are simple to achieve. First, choose a pastel shade - we’d suggest a pale yellow, dusky pink or a duck egg blue like Intriguing Iris. Apply two layers of your base coat and cure until dry. For your top coat, you’ll need a black nail polish. Using a dotting tool, apply small, even spots of black all over your nails. These can be arranged neatly in offset rows, or alternatively you can use varying amounts of pressure to create smaller and larger speckles, like the ones in the Huffington Post tutorial. Finish with a clear topcoat.

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If you want your nails to look as delicious as a bowl of mini Easter eggs, try Matcha MadnessBlushing Bride, Dizzy Daisy, Perfect Periwinkle and Heirloom Lilac . For a simple, subtle look, choose one colour, or mix it up with a combination of colours. 

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Small flower designs are easier to achieve than you might think. Here’s a simple technique for you to try. Apply two layers of base coat. Once the base is dry, choose a second colour to use as the petals. Apply five dots of the second colour in a circle. Leave the dots to air dry for a few seconds. Take an orangewood stick (or a cocktail stick), and drag the pointed end from the centre of each dot towards the middle of the circle of dots. This should turn the dots into petal shapes. Don't worry if the base coat shows through the petal when you do this - it adds to the effect. Once the petals are dry, choose a third colour to serve as the centre of your flower. Apply a dot in the middle of the petals and hey presto! A pretty flower. Once the petals are dry, finish with a top coat.


Want to add a touch of glamour to your Easter look without the fuss? We recommend Golden Opportunity, a gold polish with flecks of blue, green and purple glitter. The the warm, shimmering shade with contrasting speckles is bound to put a spring in your step. 

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Header image: Karin Bar