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Pour on the Molten Magic…

Or simply brush it on with these 5 stunning new metallic colours from SensatioNail.

Let your nails dazzle, glisten & gleam with these vivid jewellery inspired shades. 

Amazing colours that sparkle, shimmer and shine in the spotlight – just like you can.

We'll have 5 of these colours available in September right here on

  • Rock my Emerald - Deep Emerald Green - Rock your nails with this show-stopping metallic jewel shade in gorgeous green
  • Going for the Rose Gold - Pink/Gold - Go for it with this beautiful pinky gold
  • Iron Mama - Deep Purple - Give your nails the royal treatment with the deep metallic purple
  • Don’t Metal Me - Purple/Pink Metallic Magenta – Amazing purple shade with a hint of pink
  • Steel a Kiss - Steel Blue - Steel yourself for some compliments when your nails flash this stunning metallic blue

If you want to be the first to know the very minute these amazing colours are available, just drop your name and email to [email protected] and we’ll keep you informed of all our new products and all future offers.