Christmas Nail Polish Gifts for Her

What to get for those ladies who have everything? How about perfect nails?

Shop the SensatioNail Christmas Shop for all the perfect nail polish gifts you need.

Nail Polish Gift Sets

An at home gel polish kit is the perfect gift. The SensatioNail Starter Kit Gift Packs contain everything needed to get perfect high-shine, hard wearing gel nails that will last for up to two weeks.

Gifts for her under £150

super gel nail kit

Looking for an extra special gift for an extra special lady? Why not treat her to the ultimate gel polish gift - The Super Deluxe Starter Kit includes all the SensatioNail starter kit items; LED lamp, removal tool, gel nail cleanser, gel primer, base/topcoat as well as two glitter puffers, removal kit and 10 full size gel colours of your choice!

What gel nail aficionado wouldn’t love 12 brand new gel polishes? Shop 12 for the price of 8 this Christmas and save £50. Choose from every gel colour on our site.

Gifts for her under £50

gel nail gift sets

All the SensatioNail Starter Kits are under £50 and include free delivery. At £49.99 each Deluxe Starter Kit includes a sample size gel polish, gel primer, base/topcoat, gel cleanser, peel off nail shields, nail buffer, LED lamp and how-to booklet.

Choose a Starter Kit in Scarlet Red, Raspberry Wine, Pink Chiffon, French Manicure, Coral Sunset or choose your own colour with the Separates Starter Kit.

Polish to Gel: Our latest gel polish product is also available as part of a gel polish starter kit. Polish to Gel Transformer transforms any normal nail polish into a hard-wearing, long lasting gel polish. It has to be seen to be believed!

Simply mix the Transformer fluid with normal nail polish, paint on and cure with the LED lamp. The Starter kit includes Transformer fluid, primer, base/topcoat, lint free wipes, mixing pot and LED lamp.

Christmas gifts for her under £25

gifts for her under £25

For quick and easy presents for nail polish lovers, take a look at our range of gifts for her under £25.

SensatioNail fans will love the Gel Nail Essentials Kit and Removal Kit and Tool Bundle. The LED Nail Travel Lamp is just £15 and a super-handy gift for holidays, handbags and emergency fixes.

Stocking fillers for her

srocking fillers for her

These stocking fillers will bring a smile to any gel polish fan’s face. All under £10, grab a Removal Kit, Gel Primer, Matte Top Coat or Peel off Nail Shields. For nail art lovers, treat them to a Nail Art Brush Gift Set and Nail Glitters or shop 10 nail art products for £5.

Christmas gifts for teenage girls

gifts for teenage girls

Teenage girls love nail polish (who doesn’t?) and Fuse Gelnamel is designed specifically for the younger user. Bright colours with a neat LED lamp, Fuse Gelnamel is the best of polish and the best of gel combined. Fuse Gelnamel Starter Kits are £19.99 and include a Fuse nail polish, LED lamp, Cleanser, Lint free wipes and double sided nail buffer. Choose from gorgeous colours ranging from bright pink and red through to blue and green.

Treat your teenage beauty fan to nail glitter, a Nail Art Brush Gift Set, mascara wands, and makeup brush sets.

Not sure what to get? You can’t go wrong with a SensatioNail gift voucher.