Christmas Nail Art Ideas

Christmas time, Mistletoe and wine... and Christmas nails, Yay!

Read on for some ideas and how to do some of this year's best Christmas nail art.

Christmas tree sparkly nails

glitter christmas tree nails

These gorgeous Christmas nails couldn’t be easier.

  1. Paint nails with black gel polish, cure under the LED lamp and cleanse the nails. In the example above, @banicured has used a matte polish. Get this look with the Matte Top Coat

  2. Use nail art glitter dots to create the tree shape (a tall triangle). We love Blue Glitter Dots, Pink Glitter Dots and Silver Nail Stars mixed together. Stick glitter dots to the nail using clear gel polish or Gel Top coat. You can use a guide for this using nail tape or by cutting nail shields in half.

  3. Cure under the LED lamp to set the glitter dots.

  4. Remove tape or nail shield guides if you've used them.

  5. We recommend applying 2 layers of top coat to leave a smooth finish if you want a shiny

    Optional, apply matte top coat, cure, cleanse, apply guides (cut a nail shield in half) apply glitter mix, remove guides and cure in place.

Photo credit: Pinterest - @banicured

Sparkly frost nail art

blue frosty nails  red frost nail art

A simple yet effective nail art technique. These nails look great for the festive season.

  1. Paint nails with a dark or deep base colour and cure. We love Blue Yonder dark blue gloss polish

  2. Using the Silver Nail Puffer, apply a dusting of nail glitter to the cuticle area. No need for accuracy here, this look is best achieved when each nail is slightly different.

  3. Apply Gel Top coat and cure to seal the glitter in place.

  4. Wipe with some Gel Cleanser on a lint free wipe - removing the excess nail glitter from the skin around the nails at the same time.

  5. A second layer of top coat will give a smooth finish to your design.

TIP: If you prefer more control of your glitter, we recommend mixing some on a piece of foil with your top coat and applying with a nail art brush

Photo credit: Pinterest - Stylestime and Godfather style

Pretty winter gold nail art

gold glitter nail art

This is a great look for day to night festive cheer.

  1. Paint nails with a clear or sheer shade such as Barely There or try Peachy Keen for less transparency

  2. Cure under the LED lamp

  3. Cleanse the nail to remove the tacky layer (Stickers need a dry surface)

  4. Use gold nail art tape to create a line across each nail (minus the ring finger nail) - following your natural nail tip line.

  5. Use a Gold Glitter Puffer to apply glitter to the ring finger nail from the tip up towards the centre of the nail. Alternatively, you can create this look using gold gel polish such as Feeling Guilty

  6. Paint a layer of Gel Top coat over each nail and cure to seal. Double up on top coat for a super smooth finish

Photo credit: Pinterest -

Snowflake nail art

snowflake nail art

White snowflakes look amazing on so many nail colours.

To create a snowflake

  1. Paint nails a strong base colour. In the example below we see pink but snowflakes work brilliantly on blue, black, red and grey gel polish.
    Optional to dry wipe away the tacky layer to give more control to the design (lint free wipe with no cleanser)

  2. Dip the Striper nail art brush or Marbling and dotting tool into a drop of White gel polish and draw a line from the centre edge of the nail out towards the top. (You could also use a very fine, clean paint brush to do this).

  3. Using the marbling and dotting tool or nail art brush, draw three short lines on each side of the long line at an angle of about 45 degrees. You may not need extra polish on the brush for this - simply pull the polish from the long line out to create a short line.

  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the middle and bottom snowflake lines.

  5. Cure under the LED lamp

  6. Apply Gel Top coat and cure a final time.

Photo credit: Pinterest -

Candy Stripe Nail Art

candy stripe nail art

Super fun festive nails!

  1. Paint nails with at least two coats of white gel polish. We love White Lily. Curing each layer.

  2. Dry wipe you nails (lint free wipe in cleanser)

  3. Cut nail art tape or nail shields into 2cm lengths (Or you could use masking tape cut into thin strips about 0.5cm wide)

  4. Place three strips of tape across the nail at an asymmetric angle.

  5. Paint red glitter nail polish remove the tape prior to curing, cure
    or apply top coat and sprinkle red nail glitter over the nail, remove tape and cure

  6. paint a layer of Gel Top coat over the nail and cure.

Photo credit: Pinterest -

Christmas trees and snow nail art

christmas snow flake nails

Photo credit: Pinterest 

You only need a few items for this nail art. Red gel polish, White gel polish, Gel Top coat , LED lamp and a nail art brush or tool.

Start by paint each nail with two coats of red gel polish and cure

For the snow nails:

  1. use the Marbling and dotting tool (or a toothpick) to place small dots of white polish on the nail

  2. Paint a line of white polish along the nail tip and use the marbling and dotting tool or toothpick to push the gel polish up at three points to create a wave effect. Cure

  3. Finish with a layer of top coat and a final cure.

For the Christmas tree:

how to do christmas tree nail art

  1. Use nail art tape or masking tape. Place two strips of tape over the nail, crossing towards the middle to create a triangle. Paint the triangle white, cure and remove the tape.

  2. Repeat the crossed tape above the first triangle to create the next section of the tree - using a third strip across the bottom of the triangle to get a straight line across the bottom. Cure and remove the tape.

  3. Create a smaller triangle for the top of the tree in the same way. Cure and remove tape

  4. Apply top coat and cure for beautiful Christmas tree nail art.

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