So you have painted your nails very carefully, you have waited for them to completely dry so you don’t smudge them while doing the dinner, but come bedtime they are starting to chip or peel.  Sound familiar? Now's your chance to get a longer lasting manicure, the secret tip is to apply a gel top coat after your polish is completely dry (not just touch dry). Can you use regular nail polish with gel top coat? Yes!

The gel polish top coat technique not only gives your regular nail polish the strength and protection to prevent chipping and peeling for longer, but also the bonus of a long lasting glossy top coat.

SensatioNail has a specially formulated system called Polish to Gel Transformer that enables you to do this in the comfort of your own home. The kit is available with a lamp or you can buy the polish individually if you already have an LED nail lamp.


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Method 1: Gel top coat over the top of regular nail polish

  1. Shape your nails as required
  2. Apply your chosen regular nail polish following the manufacturer's instructions. IMPORTANT: Allow to fully dry - if your nails are only touch dry the polish can rumple/crease and slide, this is because the polish is solvent based and requires air to dry, it will never dry underneath the gel top coat as no air can reach it
  3. Now apply 1 or 2 coats of Polish to Gel Transformer curing each layer in your lamp
  4. Once cured you will need to cleanse the nails to remove the final tacky layer; this will leave your nails with a glossy strong finish ready for the week ahead
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Method 2: Gel top coat mixed with regular nail polish

The big bonus is that SensatioNail Polish to Gel is not only great to put over your regular polish but you can also create your own gel polish colours at home by simply mixing it with equal parts of standard nail polish.

Although you are doing a full gel polish manicure it will still take less time than a normal manicure as you don’t need to wait for the polish to dry (first application might take longer as it’s a new technique to get used to, see below).

  1. Buff, shape, cleanse and prime your nails
  2. Mix an equal amount of your regular nail polish with Polish to Gel on foil (around 6 to 8 drops of each is enough for an average manicure)
  3. Use Polish to Gel Transformer as a base coat/cure
  4. Apply your Polish to Gel mixture created in step 2 and cure
  5. Repeat with a second coat of your mixture
  6. Use Polish to Gel Transformer as a final gel top coat, cure and cleanse

That’s it, the manicure is completely dry and you can go and do whatever you want to!


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