Black and White Nails

Black and white is a trend for this season - just take a look at Vogue Italia if you need any proof.

Get a slice of the look with black and white nails. Below are our top black and white nail art looks for 2017.


Top tools for black and white nail art

  1. White gel nail polish: We love White Lily from the SensatioNail range or Not my Nana’s Pearls from the Express Gel range
  2. Black gel nail polish: Go with Midnight Rendezvous for a high gloss or Black Plum for a shimmer black gloss polish. Try  I’m the Black Sheep from the Express Gel range
  3. Nail art tape, nail shields or masking tape: for creating perfect lines
  4. Marbling and dotting tool
  5. Striping tool
  6. French manicure stickers
  7. Gel Top coat: if using Original SensatioNail

    Note: Times as based on using Original SensatioNail which includes base coat, top coat and curing times. Remove approx. 10 minutes if using Express Gel.

Monochrome tips

 black and white tip nails

 Image credit:

Tools: Matte top coat optional. French manicure stickers optional.

Time: 20 to 30 minutes
Difficulty: Medium

 If your nails have enough length then why not show off the tips with a monochrome french mani?

  1. Paint the whole nail in your chosen base colour, cure and then paint the tips in the opposite colour.
  2. Top tip - you can use French Manicure Tips as a guide just above the tip to create the perfect line. Peel off when done and follow with top coat.

We love this look with a matte finish. Use Matte top coat instead of gloss top coat over the base layer or both for a more textured look.

Black and White striped nails

 black and white striped nails

 Image credit: nenuno

Tools: Nail art tapenail shieldsor masking tape or Striping tool

Time: 20 to 30 mins
Difficulty: Medium

Simple but oh so effective, striped nails look on point when done well. To get a perfect stripe you’ll need some nail art tape or a steady hand.

  • Start by painting the whole nail with two layers of white polish, curing each layer.

Option 1:

  1. Cut the nail art tape into thin strips - as wide as you want your stripes to be and apply to the nail vertically. Making sure the tape is evenly spaced.
  2. Paint between the tape with the black polish. Remove the tape to reveal perfect stripes and cure.
  3. Apply a layer of top coat and cure if using SensatioNail original polish.
Option 2:
  1. Paint black polish stripes carefully from cuticle to tip using the striping tool and cure.
  2. Apply top coat, cure and cleanse if using Original SensatioNail.


Checkerboard nails

Checked nails 

Image credit: Beautylish

ToolsNail art tapenail shieldsor masking tape
Time: 20 to 30 minutes
Difficulty: Medium

Don’t panic, chequerboard nails aren’t as hard as they look to create.  

  1. Apply two layers of white gel polish and cure as usual.
  2. Cut tape (use masking, nail art tape or trim Nail Shields) into small squares about half the length of your nail high and 2cm wide, depending on the size of your nail.
  3. Stick one of the squares to the top left corner of your nail and one to the bottom right.
  4. Paint the remaining squares with black gel polish and cure.
  5. Remove the tape to reveal chequerboard nails.
  6. Apply top coat, cure and cleanse if using original SensatioNail.

Negative space chevron nails

 chevron nail art

 Image credit:

ToolsNail art tapenail shieldsor masking tape
Time: 20 to 60 minutes depending on no of chevrons and type desired
Difficulty: Medium

  1. For a simple V shape chevron, use two short lengths of nail art tape to create an upside down V on the nail.
  2. Paint the whole nail with two layers of black or white gel polish, curing after each layer and remove to reveal one chevron.
  3. You can use more tape to create more chevrons or even cut the tape into a zig zag for a more detailed chevron design.
  4. Alternate black and white nails or mix and match as desired.


Dotty nails

spotty nail art 

Image credit: Cryolin N Johnson

Tools: Marbling and dotting tool

Time: 20 to 30 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

  1. Paint the nail with chosen base colour. Use two coats and cure if using Original SensatioNail. Just one for Express Gel.
  2. Apply the dots carefully using the marbling and dotting tool. You don’t need much on the tool so use sparingly.
  3. Cure the dots.
  4. If using Original SensatioNail, apply top coat, cure and cleanse.

These spotty nails look great whether black dots on white or white on black. Why not alternate for ultimate cuteness?


A touch of gold

 gold and black nail art

 Image credit: Sonja

Tools: Gold nail art tape
Time: 20 to 30 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

Nothing compliments black and white like a touch of gold.

  1. Apply gold nail art tape to add geometric shapes or break up the colours into striking blocks.
  2. Top tip: To help the nail art tape stick, dry wipe the nail with a lint free wipe before applying.

If you are using two colours, always remember to start with a white layer and add black on top - it’s easier to paint black over white. If using Original SensatioNail, make sure you cure between each layer and apply top coat and cleanser to complete the look.

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