Autumn/Winter nail trends 2017

It’s always a shame to wave goodbye to summer but with the change of season, comes a change in nail colour. Every cloud...

Good nails can complete your look so check out the nail trends for AW 2017 and get thinking about new season styling.

Maroon nails

An autumn classic. Seen on the runways teamed with gold nail art and gold embellishments, burgundy nails work well with added dazzle or perfectly just as they are.

Miss Behave is the perfect maroon for Autumn or try I’m So Bord-eaux from the new Express Gel range.

maroon gel nails

Bright and bejewelled nails

Who cares if you can’t type, use keys or wash up when your nails looks this fierce? Bejewelled nails are big and bright for Autumn/Witer.

Just make sure you’re careful as you run your fingers through your hair - especially if it’s curly. Ouch!

Stock up on SensatioNail nail art products and accessories here.

Goth nails

Some people are goths all year but for those fashion slaves amongst us, goth nails is the best way to dip into the trend without having to invest in a whole new wardrobe… or way of life.

Go for black gel nail polish (obvs) and greys. Matt grey is perfect for day to night goth. Grab a bottle of Matte top coat for this look. Feeling brave? Go full Gareth Pugh and scare the children with maximum length filed into a sharp point.

goth gel nails

Gareth Pugh

Negative space nails

We have social media to thank for this massive trend. With so many amazing negative space manicures to inspire us, we just can’t get enough - and the catwalks haven’t got bored of the trend either.

Use muted colours such as soft greys (try Gray Day), minks (We love Express Gel From Taupe to Bottom) and peaches (Peachy Keen is perfection!) for an AW 2017 twist on the look.

negative space nails

Industrial chrome

Chrome polish is amazing on both short nails and long nails. Silver or gold are the colours of choice for Autumn, as seen at Mulberry. But don’t hold back. As we move into chillier days, bring some shine to your life with any one of our amazing new Chrome collection.

Note – Rose, Silver & Gold are single tone powders, Blue, Green & Purple are duo-tone All can be mixed together too.

metal gel nails

Abstract nails

Touted by manicurist Alicia Torello as ‘your boyfriend’s grandma’s vintage couch’ pretty much anything goes with this season’s abstract nails… as long as they remind you of your boyfriend’s grandma’s vintage couch.

Go for bolds and don’t be too neat. This look works best with an unsteady hand and almost no planning. Fun!

Plumeria Painted

Concrete nails

Nails on the Alexander Wang catwalk mimicked concrete and we LOVED it. Try Smoked Stiletto or Express Gel You Drive my Grazy with a matte top coat to get the look.

concrete gel nails

Skin art / Cuticle framing

Yep, this is a thing and it looks amazing! Paint the nails with a simple neutral and take the glitter to the skin. It might only last for one evening but it’s so worth it. Cute! Grab your nail glitters here

cuticle framing nails

Barely there nails

From Mugler to Temperley; nude, neutral nails are everywhere this season.

Barely There is a transparent shade which was made for this look. Or if you still like a touch of colour, go for a transparent pink like So Rosy. If you feel like it’s not enough, simply add gold or silver rings and bracelets. Go for Express Gel I Sleep Bare Naked or Vanilla Chai for core are more solid nudes.

barely there nails

Red nails

Red is back with a bang. Wear nails short and round and finish with a gel top coat for extra shine. Scarlet Red gel nail polish is a forever fave.

Try a layer of orange gel polish under a true red for extra pop.

Red nails suit everyone and with the huge trend this season, red gel polish makes the perfect gift. Treat your bestie to a gel nail kit. Try the Scarlet Red Gel Nail Starter Kit or the Express Gel Red Your Profile Starter Kit for those who prefer a speedy mani.

red gel nails

Dark moods

If you like black nails, it’s easy to default to Midnight Rendezvous as soon as the weather turns but this season follow the fash-pack and try other dark shades.

Dark blues like Blue Yonder and Meteor Shower will be just as striking and you’ll be surprised how well they complement your outfits.

dark gel nails