Easy Autumn Nail Art Look with Gel Nail Polish

Love the Autumnal season? We are ready to show you how to create this super cute, and super simple, autumn look. Everything you need is available here at https://www.sensationail.com/uk/

What you'll need: 

You'll need Sunkissed, Midnight Rendevous, Orange Fizz and White Lily. Plus Gel Top/Base coat and essential items.  

How To Guide: 

Watch the full video here, or follow our step-by-step tutorial below: 

Step 1:

Prepare your nail. Use the SensatioNail file (available in our starter kits) to shape your nails, then gently buff them to remove any shine from the natural nail. 

Use the cuticle stick provided to gently push back your cuticles. Cleanse your nails using the lint-free wipes and Gel Cleanser.

These items are available in our Stater Kits, or separately. 

Finally, apply the Gel Primer to your nail. TOP TIP: apply primer based on your nail type. Do you have normal/dry nails?

Apply primer only on the tip and around the edges of your nail. Oily nails? Apply primer as you would nail polish, across the full nail. Leave this to air dry for 30 seconds.

Autumn Nail Look

Step 2: 

Paint your nails. Apply one coat of Orange Fizz to all fingers leaving your ring finger and thumb unpainted.

TOP TIP: Ensure you ‘cap’ the end of your nail by tracing the brush along the tip of your nail.

Cure this for 30 seconds.

Sunkissed Autumn Look

Step 3:

For the art. Apply Sun Kissed to the nail on your ring finger and thumb, using a marbling and dotting tool,

in a large oval shape – about half way up your nail. Use the brush to fill this in. Cure for 30 seconds.

Repeat colour application until the desired coverage is achieved, curing in between coats.

Gel Nails Autumn

Step 4: 

Use Midnight Rendezvous to create a branch and leaves. 

Using a fine nail art brush, paint on a branch and leaves.

Cure for 30 seconds; go over the design until this is bold and opaque. Cure again for 30 seconds.

Gel Nails Autumn

Step 5: 

Create the leaves of the design, by continuing with your fine brush. 

TOP TIP: if you make a mistake, no sweat! Simply wipe with cleanser and start again. Until you cure the gel polish, it will not set. 

White Lily White dots nail art

Step 6: 

Apply dots of White Lily, using the marbling and dotting tool in any areas where there is space.

TOP TIP: Don’t apply too many dots, as the design could look too busy.

Three or four dots are usually best. Cure for a final 30 seconds.

Autumn nail look

Step 7: 

Apply Gel base/top coat, cure for 15-30 seconds.

Cleanse away the tacky layer using your cleanser and lint free wipes.

Your awesome autumn look is complete!