grabbottleblogFor ultimate comfort and convenience, SensatioNail offers you a A great looking manicure or pedicure with a stunning, professional finish is now available at a time and place that suits you.

Whether it’s for a special occasion, a night out with the girls or just to keep you looking incredible every day, home salon nails mean that you can always look your best. You don’t have to arrange your days around salon appointments or plan too far in advance, SensatioNail is perfect for the busy woman who wants to keep her nails looking amazing without worrying about time and disruption.

The kit is specially designed to be superfast and easy to use. Gel polish doesn’t set like normal nail polish so you don’t need to waste precious time waiting for your nails to dry. You can make sure your manicure or pedicure is looking perfect before using the exclusive Pro 3060 LED lamp to cure your nails in seconds – sealing in the colour and giving you a high gloss, damage free finish for up to two weeks.

The Gel Nail Starter Kit has all the tools you need for 10 luscious gel polish manicures or pedicures. When compared to the price you pay at a salon, the kit pays for itself in less than seven weeks. The average cost of a salon gel nail manicure is £25 but, if you use SensatioNail for a year, the price of your manicure works out at just £5.77 – 23% of the price of a salon. Use it for two years and the price per manicure drops to £2.98 which means you get salon quality nails at only 11% of the price!

After using the 10 applications in the Starter Kit, you can top-up your supplies with the SensatioNail Essentials Kit. There are also 19 gorgeous shades to choose from so you can adapt your look to fit any occasion from the beach to the boardroom.

Save time and money and get salon quality nails at home with SensatioNail. You’ll never have to visit the salon again.