25 New Express Colours

Express Gel is our super-fast, high-shine at home gel manicure and now we’ve added 25 new colours to the collection! This means there are now 49 stunning Express Gel shades to choose from.

Read on to discover everything you need to know about the new collection - and get ready to be the envy of your friends with these sumptuous new shades.


Out of the Red
This is the first red in the list because this is the truest red in the new collection. Match this glossy pillar-box red to your lips Miss Scarlett and knock ‘em dead.
Finish: Gloss

Lantana Cabana
The name of this shade makes us want to book a holiday and pack our flip-flops! This is a red hot shade with a coral tone. Great against all skin tones but really pops against darker skin, this is what our holiday dreams are made of.
Finish: Gloss

Talking to a Brick Wall
If you love a red nail then don’t hesitate to add this to your gel polish collection. Talking to a Brick Wall is a deep red with a pink tone which gives it a warmth - perfect if you wear pink and don’t like to clash your red nails.
Finish: Gloss

Make My Heart Beet
This can’t decide if it’s red or brown! This warm chestnut shade will suit very pale or darker skin tones. Layer up for a really rich result.
Finish: Gloss

That’s My Jam
The name of this polish perfectly describes the colour of this glossy shade. Imagine the yummiest, brightest jam and you’ve got it. Good enough to eat! We’re wearing this now with our casual blue jeans but we can’t wait to rock it with our beachwear in the summer.
Finish: Gloss

new red express gel nail colours


Orange Fizzy
One of the shimmer shades in the new collection, Orange Fizzy is a salmon-toned coral that will suit all skin tones. Wear it in Winter to brighten up a dull day and break it out again in summer for added heat.
Finish: Shimmer

Orange You Cute
You’ve been asking for a true orange and here it is. Orange You Cute is bright, bold and glossy. This juicy shade will get everyone’s attention for all the right reasons.
Finish: Gloss

new orange express gel nail colours


Sand Pale
Probably the most gentle shade in the new Express Gel collection, Sand Pale is a delicately dreamy semi-sheer rose. Perfect for 24/7 wear, all year round.
Finish: Gloss

A Dozen Rosas
If you like gentle pinks but want something a little more substantial than Sand Pale, A Dozen Rosas will be just what you’re after. A pastel rose - this shade is super flattering against all skin tones.
Finish: Gloss

Coming Up Roses
A bright bold pink. Coming Up Roses sits between Don’t Even Pink About It and Teenie Weenie Pinkini on the Pink Express Gel scale. Go for it and match your toenails too.
Finish: Gloss

Want a Peach of Me
With just a hint of peach, this pink would make Barbie wink. Suitable for all skin tones, this glossy shade will see you through the spring and summer with ease.
Finish: Gloss

Berry-ed Treasure
This shade could almost fall under the list of purples with it’s gorgeous amethyst-magenta tone. Stunning against very pale and darker skin tones. Add depth by layering over purple to really bring out the amethyst.
Finish: Gloss

Such a Gerber Daisy
A gorgeous hot pink with red tones. This is perfect if you need something a little safer than Coming Up Roses but still want to rock hot pink nails. We also love this shade for toes.
Finish Gloss

The Pink Slip
Another stunning bright pink but this time with a shimmer finish. The Pink Slip is a truly girly pink with a slight lilac shimmer to catch the light. (If you ever loved Teenie Bikini in original SensatioNail - this shade is yours!!)
Finish: Shimmer

new pink express gel nail colours

Purples and Browns

Bramble Gel-ly
Another beautiful new shimmer shade in the collection, Bramble Gel-ly takes us straight back to the 90s. A deep purple shade with just a hint of grey and blue shimmer. How did we live without this for so long?! Layer over black for a deeper look or add extra sparkle for a retro party vibe.
Finish: Shimmer

Raisin the Limit
Looking for a sultry shade? A brown-toned purple, Raisin the Limit is a rich and creamy gloss that screams understated confidence. Wear to meetings, to dinner and shopping the next day.
Finish: Gloss

Royal Pain in The…
A truly royal purple, this shade is fit for a queen. Layer up for depth or add sparkle for extra fun.
Finish: Gloss

new purple express gel nail colours

Beige and Greys

Cafe Au Lait Au Lait Au Lait
This pinky beige is oh-so perfect. The colour comes out slightly lighter than it appears on the bottle so don’t panic if you have a pink-based skin tone, this one suits everyone. To achieve a darker shade, layer over a burgundy or a deep red.
Finish: Gloss

Don’t Give a Frappe
A deep greige taupe - this is one colour we’ve been craving. With a gloss finish, this shade is more on the brown side of the greige scale. Perfect for those cozy winter months and big chunky knits.
Finish: Gloss

Greige and Gloomy
Don’t let the name fool you, there’s nothing gloomy about this sumptuous shade - it’s actually the top seller out of all our new shades so far! Greige and Gloomy is a warm, creamy beige with mauve tones. Especially gorgeous against dark skin tones.
Finish: Gloss

Taupe Dancer
Some say this is THE perfect taupe. Flattering against all skin tones and wearable with every colour in the rainbow, this is a shade every gel nail fan should own. You’ll wear it again and again.
Finish: Gloss

Little Black Book
A cross between dark slate and charcoal grey, Little Black Book is ideal for a fresh twist on a black nail if you don’t want a harsh look. This shade looks awesome with a little black dress or black jeans and a band tee. However you wear it, wear it with attitude.
Finish: Gloss

new grey express gel nail colours

Greens & Blues

Don’t Moss With Me
It can be hard to wear green nail polish but this one might pleasantly surprise you. Don’t Moss With Me is a super-fresh jade green with a gloss finish. Welcome in Spring/Summer with this new green gloss and brighten up everyone’s day.
Finish: Gloss

Seas The Day
If you are a fan of Peri Wink-Wink then you’ll love Seas The Day. A perfect pastel blue with enough depth to really stand out and a gloss finish to remind you of dreamy beach days.
This shade comes out slightly cooler than the packaging colour so add a base layer of purple (try Iris I was Rich) for added warmth.
Finish: Gloss

This navy really is Ink-redible. Darker in real life than it looks on the bottle, you’ll fall deeply in love with this glossy shade of dark blue.
Finish: Gloss

new blue express gel nail colours

Still not enough shades for you...? Remember you can mix any SensatioNail shades together for even more variety. Just mix a few drops on some foil and apply - it won’t dry until you cure it

See all the Express Gel shades here. Treat yourself to more than a few and shop 10 for £70 - saving £30 - you deserve it.

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