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Luxe Studio Rose Gold Brush- 3 Piece Kit

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For all your everyday makeup application needs, the Luxe Studio 6X, 5X and 3X are the top trio of high-quality brushes. Specially designed for use with both powder and liquid cosmetic and skincare products, these brushes are perfect for the face and hard to reach eye areas


A brush for everything?! Use with all formulations for skincare, cosmetics and sun care products. Work with any dry or liquid products: pressed and loose powders, lotions and creams, serums and mineral makeup.

For effective coverage with minimal effort, this brush works to massage product into the skin for perfectly even application.

Perfect for flawless blending and cosmetic applications including contouring and highlighting, strobing and moisturising, the Luxe Studio Oval brushes feature a large dome-shaped head with intensively packed bristles. The synthetic fibres parallel natural hairs for expert pick-up and delivery of all cosmetic, skincare and sun care product formulations, such as pressed and loose powders, creams and liquids. The strong formation of fibres ensures the brush won’t lose shape. The long handle allows for easy hold and product diffusion onto the skin, angled for maximum control and precision, giving comfort and simplicity to application. In Rose Gold colour finish.

Skincare: Apply the desired product onto the centre of the Luxe Studio 6X brush or onto the desired area of the face. In circular motions, massage the product into the face and eye area, using the brush to ensure thorough and even application of the product into the skin. Apply directly onto the skin or onto the 5X/3X, making sure to avoid the eye itself. Use slow and gentle back and forth motions to work product evenly into the skin


  • Powder and foundation – Apply liquid or powder formulas directly onto the face or onto the 6X brush. Blend product into the skin, in small circular motions. Blend outwards to achieve the desired coverage, paying particular attention to the jawline
  • Contour and highlight - Place the product onto the areas of the face you wish to contour, using the 5X brush, blend the product thoroughly into the skin for a smooth and flawless finish, and angle the brushes bristles to reach the contours of the face for a natural, sculpted effect. Use the 6X brush to blend away any hard lines. Highlighting - To target facial areas such as the cheek bones, jawline and centre of the nose, load the 5X brush and use to apply the product in strokes across the face as desired, use 6X for flawless blending
  • Eyeshadow - Work product along the lower and upper lash-line with the 5X brush for thin strokes to create length and width to achieve the desired eye look. This brush is great for eyeshadow application into the crease of the eyelid. For flawless product blending across the inner and outer corners of the eye, use the 6X
  • Concealer – Work product below the eyes and along the sides of the nose in gentle circular or back and forth motions , using the 5X onto the skin for even coverage. For coverage of spots and blemishes, use the 3X to cover 
  • Lips – Brush on lipstick or gloss with the 3X


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