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Luxe Studio

  • Makeup Brushes
    Makeup Brushes by Luxe Studio

    Perfect for flawless blending and cosmetic applications including contouring and highlighting, strobing and moisturising, the Luxe Studio Oval brushes feature a large dome-shaped head with intensively packed bristles.  

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  • Face Makeup Brushes
    Face Makeup Brushes by Luxe Studio

    A brush for everything!  Use with all formulations for skincare, cosmetics and sun care products. Work with any dry or liquid products:  pressed and loose powders, lotions and creams, serums and mineral makeup.

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  • Eye Makeup Brushes
    Eye Makeup Brushes by Luxe Studio

    For all your everyday makeup application needs, the Luxe Studio 6X, 5X and 3X are the top trio of high-quality brushes. Specially designed for use with both powder and liquid cosmetic and skincare products, these brushes are perfect for the face and hard to reach eye areas

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Luxe Studio Usage Chart

Luxe Studio Usage Chart