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LAB2 Beauty

  • Makeup Brushes
    Makeup Brushes by LAB2

    These cruelty free makeup brushes provide superior pigment pickup and release, even colour distribution and precise application.

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  • Face Makeup Brushes
    Face Makeup Brushes by LAB2

    The LAB2 range of face makeup brushes has been designed for professional results when contouring, blending, highlighting and shading.

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  • Eye Makeup Brushes
    Eye Makeup Brushes by LAB2

    Easy to clean, hypoallergenic eye makeup brushes which provide high pigment colour transfer and super-precise application.

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  • Makeup Sponges
    Makeup Sponges by LAB2

    LAB2 Professional makeup sponges for flawless application, contouring and blending.

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Introducing LAB2 Makeup Brushes