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Home Gel Nail Kit

Learn How to Remove Gel Nail Polish at Home, Safely and Quickly

All the Sensationail gel polish kits contain everything you need to prep and complete salon quality nail polish manicures at home, that will last for up to two weeks with no chipping, smudging or dulling! Each kit contains quality tools, a funky gel polish and an easy to follow how-to booklet guiding you through the process.

When you fancy a change of colour, you’ll need to learn how to get gel nails off at home and it couldn’t be easier than with one of the Sensationail removal kits. The ‘Sensationail Removal Kit, Tool and Gel Polish Removal Bundle’ includes; the Sensationail removal kit, a removal tool, a gel nail polish remover and a free removal tool bag. Once you have this equipment, you’re good to go and easily remove your old polish, to make way for the next one!

Home Gel Nail Kit Removal

Before taking off your gel polish at home, gather all your removal tools together and ensure you have a flat surface like an old chopping board or table covered in paper towels.

  1. Buff away the top shiny layer of gel polish with sides one and two of the buffer block. File the edges of your nails, to break the seal you made when capping.
  2. Open a foil pouch and soak the cotton pad inside, with the Sensationail remover liquid.
  3. Place your buffed up nail against the cotton pad and wrap tightly. You can use gloves or oven mitts to help keep in the heat. Leave for 15-20 mins.
  4. Remove the foil wrap and gently remove any remaining gel with the removal tool.
  5. Once all the polish is removed, wash and dry hands with soap and water.

Save Even More Time with the Stripgel Peel off Base Coat

Life is busy and there are many parties to attend! This means we don’t want to waste precious time. Thankfully Sensationail has come up with the innovative ‘Stripgel Peel Off Base Coat’, where you can remove your manicure in seconds by simply peeling it off.

This unique product is a paint on, air dry base coat that helps you easily remove Sensationail original gel polish from nails by peeling it off, without damaging nails, whilst maintaining up to two weeks of gel manicure wear. It eliminates the need for soaking your nails in acetone and is kinder to your skin and nails. Perfect for the girl-on-the-go who loves to glam up, likes to change her look regularly and has little time to spare!

Sensationail will Save You Time, Save You Money and Keep You Looking Fabulous

Applying gel nails at home and taking off gel nail polish at home, has never been easier than with the Sensationail gel manicure kits. It used to be a chore and an expense to keep your nails looking good, now you can take charge and be the designer of your own, beautiful nail manicures. Order your deluxe gel nail kit today and get ready for the party season!