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Gel Nails at Home

Here at SensatioNail, we provide an array of different polishes, finishes and colours in our collection. We have options such as the classic french manicure all the way up to blinging glitter nails. Gel Polish has more benefits than an ordinary nail polish as it lasts for up to two weeks without chipping, whereas a regular polish may only last a couple of days. If you think you don’t have the time or the skills to give yourself gel nails at home, then SenatioNail will have something to suit you. Our Express Gels last 7 days but only take 30 seconds to cure. 

What are the benefits of gel nails at home

Applying gel nail polish at home has many benefits. Some salons leave a small strip at the side of the nail unpolished so that they can be easily peeled off, but this doesn’t look very good. Whereas, if you’re doing it at home, you can make sure your whole nail is painted. The initial cost of buying the products and the starter kits can seem quite costly, but it saves you paying every couple of weeks for the upkeep of your manicure. Once you have paid for the equipment, you effectively have a free manicure, and you can top up on what you need when you need it. In the unlikely event that it does chip, you have everything you need at home to repair the nail. Usually, you have to return to the salon to have your gel removed, but with our kits, you would have everything at home to remove it yourself, allowing you to have salon fresh nails at all times.

What results can I achieve?

For your DIY gel nails at home, the starter kits have everything you would need - including the LED lamps, which are used to set the nails. The kits also come with the lint-free wipes and cleaners used to remove the tacky residue. A lot of the trends you see in the salon such as chrome nails are now achievable at home with SensatioNail’s chrome powders, which can create the unicorn and mermaid nails. 

How long do they last and how much do they cost?

Some of the gel nail polishes last up two weeks and will be set in 30 seconds per coat, and the price for the Polish to Gel starter kit is £49.99 which will give you great results. People wonder ‘What do you need for gel nails at home?’ If you're also asking this question, then the Super Deluxe Kit includes everything for the actual manicure itself and all that is needed for removing your gel nails at home. A gel manicure at a salon could cost you approximately £30.00, not including the removal which could cost another £10, but the Super Deluxe Kit is excellent value for money, and solves the question of how to get gel nails at home.

Our reviews speak for themselves

We are proud at SensatioNail to provide a premium quality product for an exceptional price enabling you to get salon quality gel nails at home for less. We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service and even have a specialist available for any queries or questions. The reviews of our products speak for themselves, ‘worth the price by miles’, ‘wish I'd discovered SensatioNail sooner’ and ‘best thing I have ever bought’, which shows you can do gel nails at home - all you need is SensatioNail!