Sensationail Gel Nail Polish (SensatioNail Gel Base & Topcoat)

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SensatioNail™ Gel Top Coat and Base Coat

Re-supply your gel polish manicure kit with the SensatioNail™ gel top coat. Specially formulated gel nail polish base and topcoat. 

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  • SensatioNail™ Gel Base/Topcoat 7.39ml bottle

Gel Nail Base and Top Coat

Protect and Prime Your Nails to Last and Prevent Chipping

SensatioNail has helped many women across the globe, to get salon perfect nails with easy to follow step-by-step guides. Each top gel nail kit comes with everything you could need to get glamorous, attention grabbing nails for a night out or every day. Just grab your kit and follow each step to produce the nails you’ve always dreamed of.

One of the most important steps is to apply a SensatioNail base and top coat, which will prime your nails for the next level of gel and seal the colour at the end of the process. If you love to keep things simple, you can try out the innovative SensatioNail peel off base coat, which eliminates the need for you to soak your fingers in acetone when you want to remove it. You just peel it off when ready, no mess!

How to Use the SensatioNail Base Coat

Apply your base coat to the four fingers first, running the brush neatly along from cuticle to tip without touching the skin. If you do this it can be easily tidied up with the manicure stick. The SensatioNail base coat is self-leveling, meaning your brush strokes will disappear leaving a smooth surface. Run the brush around the tip to cap the nail and prevent chipping. Cure your nails under your LED lamp for 15 seconds to dry.

How to Use the SensatioNail Gel Top Coat

The process of applying your SensatioNail top coat is simple and thankfully the base and top coat are the same so you can use the same bottle for both. Stroke a thin layer over your gel nail colour and insert your fingers again into your LED lamp for 15 seconds. If your top coat brush picks up any colour from your nail, do not worry, you can wipe it clean with a kitchen towel or lint free wipe.

Glamorous, Attention Grabbing Nails for Busy Women

Keeping on top of your beauty regime can be costly and time consuming, that’s why SensatioNail wanted to create a way for women to have beautiful nails, that lasted, were easy to create and didn’t cost the earth. Painting your nails with a SensatioNail gel nail kit couldn’t be easier, with an easy step-by-step guide given and all the accessories you need. Each coat can be applied in under a minute and dried in under 30 seconds, meaning you don’t have to waste hours to look glam.

You can buy your SensatioNail gel polish base and top coat for an affordable 12.50 from the online store or at boots. Each SensatioNail kit comes with its own base/top coat already inside. Providing a huge, quality product range SensatioNail is the number one choice for beautiful, lasting, attention grabbing nails. With many happy and repeat customers, SensatioNail provides great customer care and are always on hand to answer any questions you may have. Reach out and ask about their top gel nail kits today!


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