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Fuse Gelnamel Frequently Asked Questions


The product

What is Fuse Gelnamel?

Fuse™ Gelnamel™ cures (hardens), in seconds under an LED lamp, unlike regular polish that air dries over a long period of time. Gelnamel™ requires no dry time.

Fuse is not an extension to SensatioNail - it is a totally different proposition for those customers that told us they didn't want a professional 2 week gel manicure - they wanted something cheaper and quicker, but that was still much better than normal nail polish. It also removes easier and is more portable.

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What makes Fuse Gelnamel™ different from ordinary nail polish?

It may come in a nail polish bottle, but Fuse Gelnamel™ is totally different from ordinary nail polishes that can fade, peel or chip quickly.

Fuse Gelnamel™ offers a glossy gel manicure or pedicure that lasts for up to a week.

It uses a special lamp to set the Gel Polish which means it dries in seconds. You don’t have to worry about hanging around, waiting for your nails to dry or smudging them afterwards – you can even put gloves on straight away without ruining your manicure!

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Are Fuse products tested on animals?

No, Fuse is not tested on animals and does not contain animal products.

Application and Removal

Can I use Fuse Polish under a SensatioNail Pro 3060 Lamp and vice versa?

In order to get the best and most consistent results, we recommend you use the lamp that has been designed to work with the matching polish.

It is possible to cure SensatioNail and Fuse polishes using the alternate lamps, but the quality of the cure is not guaranteed and may vary.

You will need to experiment with timings as everyone’s nails are different & the polishes are different consistencies. Fuse is thicker, so will take longer under the SensatioNail Pro 3060 lamp than under the Fuse lamp that is specifically designed for it. Also, note that darker shades will take longer than lighter ones.

If you do try, we would love to know what results you get – email us at [email protected]

How many nails should I Fuse at a time?

It is important to Fuse one nail at a time i.e. you should buff, cleanse, polish and Fuse one nail entirely before moving on to the next nail and so on. This will give the best results, rather than buffing and cleansing all your nails first before applying the polish and Fusing.

Should I shake the bottle of Gel Polish before I use it?

Yes. Shaking the bottle helps to thin the viscosity of the Gel Polish, making it easier to apply and helping to spread the polish evenly.

Do you have any tips on flawless application?

The more often you use Fuse Gelnamel ™ the easier you’ll find applying it. One of the benefits of the Gel Polish is that it doesn’t dry like normal nail polish, so you can make sure your manicure is perfect before you use the LED lamp to set it...

Here are our top tips on how to apply Fuse Gelnamel™ for the best results:

  • Apply your polish in a thin, even layer for a neat coating. To remove extra polish from the brush, circle the inside neck of the bottle and press the excess Gel Polish off the stem of the brush
  • Make sure you’ve covered the nail completely and there are no bits you’ve missed.
  • Be sure not to get any product on your skin or cuticle. If you do get any polish on your skin, remove it with a cotton bud dipped in Fuse Cleanser or Nail Polish Remover BEFORE you put your finger under the lamp
  • Wait a few seconds for it to even out perfectly, then put your finger in the LED lamp – there is a little groove there for perfect positioning. Press the button on the top and it will light up for 30 seconds before turning off automatically
  • Finally, wipe your nail with the Cleanser on a lint free pad – that’s it – done!

What about Pedicures – can I use Fuse on toes?

Absolutely, just take the top of the lamp off and turn it around so it points the other way.

My nails are still sticky after curing under the lamp...

That’s fine - they are supposed to be tacky after every coat to stick the layers together, the wiping with cleanser after the final coat will remove the stickiness.

Some colour comes off on the lint free wipe when I wipe with cleanser...

This is normal as the colour forms part of the moisture layer that comes out of the polish when it is cured.

You will probably find this happens more with darker colours, but it will not remove all the polish from your nails.

How many layers do I need for best coverage?

Fuse is designed to cover in one coat.

However, if you want to paint one colour over the other (for example, a glitter over a solid) you can do this, just cure each coat for 30 seconds and only cleanse after the second coat.

Can I apply Fuse Gelnamel™ while I’m outside?

We don’t recommend using Fuse Gelnamel™ outside as exposure to the elements can affect your application – sunlight can actually make the Gel Polish start to set. You’ll get a much better finish if you apply it indoors. For the same reason, don’t apply right next to an open window.

How do I remove Fuse Gelnamel™?

Fuse Gelnamel™ is very easy to remove and won't harm your skin or nails. When you’re ready to remove it, start by buffing the shine off the surface of your nails. You can also file/shape the edge of your nails to help break the seal.  We recommend using the ‘wrapping method’ to remove the Gel Polish from your nails. Simply place a cotton ball soaked in SensatioNail Gel Nail Polish Remover on top of your fingernail and wrap the entire finger in aluminium foil. Alternatively use pre-cut wraps in the SensatioNail Remover Kit. Repeat the process for all your fingers and leave them wrapped up for 15-20 minutes.  It is easier to do one hand at a time. Heat helps, so wearing rubber glover/oven gloves or wrapping in a towel can speed up the process. When you remove the wrapping your Gel Polish should have flaked off. Remove any remaining with the SensatioNail Gel Polish Remover Tool. If it is not coming away easily, wrap back up and wait a further 5-10 minutes.

Alternatively you can soak your nails in SensatioNail Gel Nail Polish Remover for 15 minutes. If you need to remove the Gel Polish more quickly, fill a glass bowl with hot water, then put a smaller glass bowl filled with the Gel Nail Polish Remover inside it. Place your fingers in the Gel Nail Polish Remover for 15 minutes. When you take your fingers out, gently scrape off the dissolved gel from the surface of the nail with a manicure stick or the SensatioNail Remover Tool. Repeat this process until the gel has totally gone. If the SensatioNail Gel Nail Polish Remover has cooled, add fresh hot water to the larger bowl.

To find out more about removing Fuse Gelnamel™ and to pick up some tips from the professionals, take a look at our SensatioNail removal video.

How long will it take for my gel polish to soak off?

It usually takes about 15-20 minutes to soak the gel polish off. If it takes longer, don’t worry. This usually means that:

  • The top surface wasn’t buffed enough before you started soaking your nails. You need to buff your nails well for the Fuse Gelnamel Gel Nail Polish Remover to penetrate the Gel Polish and dissolve it.
  • There was a slightly thicker layer of Gel Polish on your nails than normal, so it takes longer to soak off.

Is there a way I should care for my hands and nails after using Fuse Gelnamel™?

Fuse Gelnamel removal should be non-damaging, however Acetone removers can be drying and it is important that you rehydrate your nails.

After removal, apply SensatioNail cuticle oil to the nails and cuticles and rub in.

Before next application, wash your hands and nails with a nylon nail brush to remove all the Nail Polish Remover and cuticle oil from your hands and nails and dry nails thoroughly.

Re-apply Fuse Gelnamel.

Rehydrate your nails again with SensatioNail cuticle oil and apply lotion to your hands only after the manicure is finished.

The LED lamp

What’s the difference between LED and UV lamps?

LED lamps use technology that’s similar but more efficient to UV lamps.

LED nail curing lamps set Gel Polish in under half the time of UV lamps. They don’t generate heat or emit UVAs or UVBs, and you don’t need to replace the bulbs like you do with UV lamps.

Is it OK to look into the LED lamp when it’s on?

You should never look directly into any light as it could damage your eyes.

Product safety

Will Fuse Gelnamel™ harm my nails?

No. The only way you could damage your nails is if you buff them too hard, either before you apply the Gel Polish, or when you’re removing it.

Is soaking my nails in acetone safe?

Yes. Other than slightly drying your fingers, soaking your nails in SensatioNail Gel Nail Polish Remover/acetone in moderation is perfectly safe. The acetone can’t be absorbed into your system. If you find your fingers becoming dry when you remove the Gel Polish you could try applying petroleum jelly to your fingertips and cuticles before you soak them. This will protect your fingertips and stop them drying out. Applying cuticle oil every day will also help.


Why is my Gel Polish hard in the bottle?

Fuse Gelnamel™ is light sensitive. If the product is left near a window or under a light it may dry in the bottle over time. The best place to keep your Gel Polish is in a dark place at room temperature. Unlike some other nail polishes, you should never put Fuse Gelnamel™ in the fridge.

Why won’t my Gel Polish set properly?

Gel Polish sets with a sticky layer. This is the moisture coming to the top of the Gel Polish while it’s setting under the lamp. Normally you just wipe this off at the end of your application. Sometimes this sticky layer can make it look like the gel hasn’t set.

If you think your Gel Polish hasn’t set, you can check by wiping the sticky layer off with the Fuse Gel Cleanser. If the gel underneath is hard, you are done.  If the gel hasn’t set, it will wipe off. If this happens you’ll need to reapply the Gel Polish before setting it. Make sure your Fuse LED Lamp is on before you put your fingertips under the light.

Could my Fuse Gelnamel™ Gel Polish peel off?

Your Gel Polish won’t peel off if you make sure you prepare your nails well before you apply it. Here are a few tips for making sure your Fuse Gelnamel™ Gel Polish lasts as long as possible:

  • Use Fuse Gelnamel™ Gel Cleanser to cleanse your nails, not Nail Polish Remover, acetone or alcohol.
  • Wash your hands and nails after you remove your usual nail polish.
  • File your nails and push your cuticles back, then make sure you buff the whole nail on each finger (be careful not to over buff as this could damage your nails).
  • Get rid of any dust and cleanse your nails with Fuse Gelnamel™ Nail Cleanser on a cotton pad before you apply the Gel Polish.
  • Try not to use handcream/moisturisers beforehand

Will my Fuse Gelnamel™ Gel Polish chip?

Fuse Gelnamel™ Gel Polish is fairly flexible and shouldn’t chip until your manicure is a week old. If it chips before then, take a look at our professional tips and tricks on how to get a perfect, long-lasting finish when you re-apply.

Why doesn’t my Gel Polish have a shiny finish?

Your Gel Polish should set shiny, gaining shine for up to an hour or two afterwards on some shades. If it doesn’t, it may mean your LED lamp wasn’t on, or you didn’t leave your nail under the lamp for long enough. It may also mean the inside reflector surface of the LED lamp needs cleaning.

What should I do if my gel brush hardens?

If you soak your brush in Gel Nail Polish Remover, this will get rid of the hardened gel.

Why is the polish colour in the bottle not exactly the same as the colour on the box/website image?

Every effort is made to ensure that all our product imagery is as accurate as possible. Due to printing and colour/resolution settings on electronic devices, the colours can differ slightly from the physical product. Also, some of the colours are difficult to replicate when painting the bottles. This is more for multi/glitter shades where it is almost impossible to match.