Fuse Gelnamel Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit + 2 Colours


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The Fuse Gelnamel starter kit with 2 extra colours bundle includes everything you need to start using and enjoying Fuse Gelnamel - The best of polish colour + the best of gel in an all-in-one formula.

NOW JUST £14.99 - THAT'S 50% OFF this full kit includes:

A full boxed Fuse Gelnamel starter kit of your choice
2 extra Fuse Gelnamel gel polish colours of your choice - that's 3 in total!

To order this kit just select the starter kit you would like below, then select 2 of the amazing colours below that and click the add to cart button, simple.

Fuse Gelnamel has been developed for our customers who did not want the multiple steps and 2 week wear of a full gel polish, but still wanted no dry time. 

Fuse is a completely different type of product. Neither a full gel, or a standard polish – it’s a combination that applies in 1 coat (you can do 2 if you prefer), cures in 30 seconds and lasts for up to 7 days. It is also super portable – the one finger lamp works from the mains or from your laptop with the USB lead provided!

This Fuse Gelnamel gel polish starter kit bundle includes:

  • 1 x Full boxed Fuse Gelnamel Starter Kit of your choice (see details below)
  • 2 x Extra full size Fuse Gelnamel polish colours of your choice 10.65ml (separate, dependent on availability)

The boxed Fuse Gelnamel starter sit contains:

  • 1 x Fuse Gelnamel gel nail polish 10.65ml
  • 1 x Fuse LED lamp
  • 1 x Fuse cleanser 14.6ml
  • 12 x Lint free wipes
  • 1 x Double-sided nail buffer

You can browse all 12 Fuse gel nail polish colours here or take a look at the Fuse essentials and accessories.

Fuse Gelnamel Application:

It is essential, for Fuse to work properly, that the process is followed from start to finish on one nail at a time:

  1. Buff entire nail
  2. Wipe with cleanser
  3. Apply a thin coat of polish
  4. Cure for 30 seconds (lamp has an automatic timer)
  5. Wipe with cleanser – and you're done

Only after 1 nail is complete should you move onto the next one. If you prefer 2 coats for a more opaque colour, or for layering a glitter polish over a solid shade, this should be done after the first cure and before the wipe.

Got more questions? See the Fuse Gelnamel FAQ here...

Note: As Fuse is curable in light, it cannot be put into clear bottles. This means they have to be painted so the colour on the inside may not be identical to the outside. Solid colours are a very good match, but it is a little more difficult with the glitters as they are clear polish with glitter particles in. Please see the hand shots on individual colour product pages for best representation.

For removal – please see SensatioNail gel nail removal products and tools...


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