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Foil Nail Wraps

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A handy pack of 10 foil nail wraps for removing gel nail polish manicures. An easy way of removing SensatioNail gel nail polish.


This pack of SensatioNail foil nail wraps includes:

  • 1 x pack of 10 foil wraps

Tips on How to Use Sensationail Gel Polish Remover Wraps

Funky, glossy gel nails can be what is needed to add a touch of spark to that party outfit, or to really pull together a power suit. Well-groomed nails give an air of confidence, show you love to take care of yourself and are a girl’s best friend in party season! You might love beautifying yourself or you may find it a chore – either way Sensationail has made it easy for everyone to have red carpet nails with little effort.

The fun bit is getting ready for a night out, but you may dread the time when it comes to remove the nail polish and come back to reality. Be happy in the knowledge that Sensationail has made gel polish remover wraps that are; easy and fast to use and are kind to your nails. Gel nail polish remover wraps are small foil wraps with cotton inside, which you coat with remover liquid and let your nails soak in.

Benefits of Using Sensationail Foil Wraps

The Sensationail removal wraps give your nail a quilted cover, heating up the gel polish helping it to be removed. Each wrap is easy to use and helps to prevent spillages from your Sensationail gel nail removal liquid. Bundles of wraps can be found in your gel nail removal kit, or you can purchase them separately when you run out.

Who Are the Sensationail Gel Polish Removal Wraps For?

If you love to have salon perfect nails, you’ll love how easy it is to remove one colour and apply the next. Gel nail polish remover wraps, make it easy for anyone to remove a nail colour and prime their nails for the next funky look. You may be new to applying gel polish and that’s why Sensationail have made it so easy to apply and take off their nail colours. All you have to do is wrap your nails up and sit back and relax while the nail polish soaks off. Anyone can learn to use the foil removal wraps fast, meaning you have more time to get ready for the next party!

Enjoy Salon Perfect Nails, Every Day of the Year

It shouldn’t just be special occasions that you have your nails looking glam, a girl deserves to look like a princess all year round! With Sensational gel nail kits, everyone has the time and know-how to keep their nails looking stunning. Once you get the hang of the application and removal procedures, you’ll have your nails rocking ready every day of the year!

Grab your gel polish remover wraps and all other gel polish kit accessories online, or at any Boots store in the UK. Take a look at the handy application and removal videos on the Sensationail website if you get stuck. You can even gift a loved one this year with a nail polish kit or a trendy gel polish? Take a look at what’s available online and make your purchase today while stocks last!


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