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SensatioNail Frequently Asked Questions

The product

What makes SensatioNail™ different from ordinary nail polish?
Are SensatioNail products tested on animals?
How do I know if I’m allergic to Gel nail manicures?
Can I use SensatioNail while pregnant?
How do I use Glitter Puffers?
Extra hints and information

Application and Removal

Should I shake the bottle of Gel Polish before I use it?
Do you have any tips on flawless application?
I can’t fit all five fingers into the LED lamp at the same time. What’s the best way to set my nails?
My nails are still sticky after curing under the lamp...
Some colour comes off on the lint free wipe when I wipe with cleanser...
How many layers do I need for best coverage?
Can I apply SensatioNail™ while I’m outside?
How do I remove SensatioNail™?
How long will it take for my gel polish to soak off?
Is there a way I should care for my hands and nails after using SensatioNail?

The LED lamp

What’s the difference between LED and UV lamps?
Is it OK to look into the LED lamp when it’s on?

StripGel Peel Off Base Coat

Can you use StripGel Peel Off Base Coat as a Top Coat?
Do I need to cure StriPGel Peel Off Base Coat?
Will my manicure still last for up to two weeks with StripGel?
Do I still need to buff and cleanse my nails before applying StripGel?
Can I use StripGel Base Coat with Express Gel?
Do I need to use a base coat as well as StripGel Peel off Base Coat?
Is there a certain way to peel the StripGel Base Coat off?
Can I peel my polish off any time after application?

Nail Shields

Do I need to prep my nails?
What’s the best way to apply the shield to achieve the smoothest finish?
Do I need to use primer?
Do I need base coat?
After I have finished my manicure the tip edge is bumpy/rough, what can I do?
Will my shields come off in the bath or whilst washing up?
After soaking my manicure for 5 minutes they don't seem to budge, why?
Where do I peel the shield off from?
Can I use the other part of the shield I just applied?

Product safety

Will SensatioNail™ harm my nails?
Is soaking my nails in acetone safe?


Why won’t my Gel Polish stay on the sides and tips of my nails after I apply it?
Why is my Gel Polish hard in the bottle?
Why won’t my Gel Polish set properly?
Could my SensatioNail™ Gel Polish peel off?
Will my SensatioNail™ Gel Polish chip?
Why doesn’t my Gel Polish have a shiny finish?
What should I do if my gel brush hardens?
Why are my French Tip stickers breaking?
Why is the polish colour in the bottle not exactly the same as the colour on the box/website image?
Why does my polish change colour sometimes after a few days?