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Express Gel Frequently Asked Questions


The product

What makes SensatioNail Express Gel different from normal nail polish?

It may come in a nail polish bottle, but SensatioNail™ Express is totally different from ordinary nail polishes that can peel or chip quickly. It offers a high gloss, chip-resistant manicure with a stunning mirror-like finish that lasts for up to 10 days. It uses a special LED lamp to set the all-in-one gel polish which means it cures in seconds. You don’t have to worry about waiting for your nails to dry or smudging them afterwards – you can even put gloves on straight away without ruining your manicure!

What makes Express Gel any different from normal SensatioNail?

Express is an all in one formula, so you don’t need a separate base/top coat, primer or to wipe with cleanser afterwards. You really can have a 5 minute manicure that is dry as soon as you take your hand out the lamp!

Application and Removal

How do I apply Express Gel?
I have an older SensatioNail lamp – can I still use Express Gel?

Yes, just adjust the timings to 60-90 seconds to cure; darker colours will take longer.

Can I make my Express Gel polish last longer if I want to?

Absolutely – SensatioNail is a flexible system and you can mix and match products to suit your nails and your lifestyle.

You can increase the length of adhesion by the following:

Preparation – buff natural shine from nails and shape as required. Wash hands in washing up liquid (liquid soaps with moisturisers are great for hands, no so for nail polish!)Dry thoroughly. Wipe nails with SensatioNail gel cleanser on a lint free wipe. Air dry for a few seconds.

Application - apply SensatioNail Gel Primer and air dry for 30 seconds. Apply SensatioNail Gel Base and Top Coat and cure for 15 seconds. Apply 1 coat of Express Gel and cure for 30 seconds. Repeat Process with a second coat. Apply SensatioNail Base and Top Coat and cure for 15 seconds. Wipe nails with SensatioNail cleanser on a lint free wipe.

Can I use standard SensatioNail Gel Polsih with Express?
How do I remove SensatioNail Express Gel?

As with all gel polishes, Express Gel is removed using acetone.

Start by buffing the shine off the surface of your nails. Also file the edges of your nails as you do when shaping them – this helps break the polish seal you made when capping the nail originally. We recommend using the ‘wrapping method’ to remove the gel polish from your nails. Simply place a cotton ball soaked in SensatioNail™ Gel Nail Polish Remover on top of your fingernail and wrap the entire finger in aluminium foil. You can purchase SensatioNail™ Pre-made Foil Wraps for ease. Repeat the process for all your fingers and leave them wrapped up for 15-20 minutes. It’s easier to do one hand at a time. Heat helps, so wearing rubber gloves/oven gloves or wrapping in a towel can speed up the process. When you remove the wrapping, your gel polish should be mostly gone. Remove any remaining polish with the SensatioNail™ Remover Tool or a cuticle stick.

Alternatively you could try soaking your nails in SensatioNail™ Gel Nail Polish Remover for 15 minutes. For faster removal, put your bowl of acetone in a slightly bigger bowl of hot (not boiling) water. When you take your fingers out, gently scrape off the dissolved gel from the surface of the nail with the manicure stick or SensatioNail™ Remover Tool. If any remaining polish feels very ‘stuck’, wrap or soak it for a further five minutes and try again.

Is there a quicker way to remove Express Gel?

Yes, and you can use this for all gel polish. You can apply SensatioNail Nail Shields before your manicure. Then, when you want to remove you simply file the edges of your nails (as if shaping), soak in warm water for 5-10 minutes and just peel off from the cuticle end.