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SensatioNail or Fuse Gelnamel - What's the difference?

SensatioNail Difference

Do you want…


GO SENSATIONAIL SensatioNail Video

Salon quality gel nails that last up to 2 weeks

Go SensatioNail for the professional salon finish with a huge range of colours that last up to 2 weeks with no chipping, smudging, cracks or dulling

Primer, base and top coat for a professional salon finish that
lasts up to 2 weeks

Zero dry time with the pro 3060 LED nail lamp
fits multiple fingers and toes

Incredible salon quality gel nails
you can do yourself at home

Fuse Difference

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quick, portable, one-coat
with a glossy gel finish

GO FUSE Fuse Video

The best of polish + the best of gel

Go Fuse gelnamel for a quick, portable system that gives you the one coat application of a polish with the wet glossy look of a gel that lasts up to 1 week

No base or top coat needed, one coat coverage for a quick and easy mani that lasts up to 1 week

Zero dry time with the EnerDry LED
ultra-portable nail lamp

Fun, portable manicure kit that gives you the best of a polish
and the best of a gel