Complete Removal Kit for Gel Nail Polish

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Save time and remove your gel polish with SensatioNail. 

Remove your SensatioNail Gel Polish with ease using the Complete Gel Polish Removal Kit from SensatioNail. 


  • SensatioNail 99% Acetone Remover (237ml) 
  • Foil Packets x 30 
  • SensatioNail Acetone Dropper 
  • 4 x Sided Buffer 
  • Cuticle Stick 

Acetone Gel Nail Polish remover

Constantly painting and removing nail polish, can end up drying out your nails resulting in stressed and dried out nails. Thankfully Sensationail has created a skin and nail friendly acetone gel polish remover, so you can keep changing your nail colour without any worry.

Made from 98% acetone, Sensationail nail polisher remover for gel nails will gently remove your gel polish and leave the nail conditioned. It can be used with multiple removal methods including; soaking or foil wraps. If you love to paint your nails regularly and keep your look right on trend, the Sensationail acetone nail polish remover for gel nails is perfect for you.

Maintaining Your Nails Before and After Gel Removal

A Sensationail gel nail treatment applied after removal, will help to strengthen and smooth the nails. You could even give your nails a treat in-between gel applications, by applying the Sensationail gel rescue nail rejuvenator. This soothing serum is infused with; acai, bamboo and avocado to deliver nourishment and support nail repair.

How to Use Sensationail Gel Polish Remover

The best way to remove gel nail polish, is to get yourself a Sensationail gel polish removal kit which includes; 3 sets of 10 foil wraps, a 4 way buffer block, Sensationail removal tool, Sensationail gel nail polish remover and a free remover tool bag. All items are available to buy individually if needed.

-          Buff the shiny top layer of polish from your nail

-          File the edges of the nail to break the seal

-          Open the foil pouch and soak the cotton pad with the remover liquid

-          Place the nail inside, wrap tightly and leave for 15-20 minutes

-          Put on gloves or oven mitts to speed up the process

-          Once the time is up, undo the wraps and use the removal tool to push any extra polish off the nails

Alternately you can use the bowl method;

-          Grab two bowels, one smaller than the other. Fill the bigger one with warm water and the smaller one with your Sensationail gel polish remover

-          Place the smaller one into the bigger one, allowing the removal liquid to warm up

-          Place your fingers in the acetone and wait for 15 minutes

-          Use your removal tool to gently push any remaining gel off your nail

A Quality Product at a Great Price

You can purchase the Sensational gel polish removal fluid for 6.00, the Sensationail removal kit for 9.00 and the Sensationail removal tool for a tiny 5.00. Grab yourself a great deal by picking up the Sensationail removal kit, tool and gel polish removal bundle for 17.00! The Sensationail removal kit and removal fluid bundle is on offer for a fantastic 13.00!

With so many great deals going on at Sensationail, now’s the time to grab yourself gel nail polish remover or any of the awesome Sensationail products.


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