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Best Gel Nail Kit

Create Stunning, Red Carpet Nails with a Sensationail Gel Nail Kit

Sensationail offer a range of easy to use, at-home gel nail polish kits, to allow you to create salon quality nails by yourself. If you love to keep your nails looking glamorous, you might know that it can be expensive and time consuming to keep them looking good. With a Sensationail gel manicure kit, you can create salon grade nails at home, at a fraction of the cost. No need to make an appointment at a salon, trek to the salon and wait for the next available technician – you can take control of your nail manicures and take back your time!

Sensationail are the designers of the best at home gel nail kits, that have all the tools you need to create glossy nails, lasting up to two weeks with no chipping, smudging or dulling! Each kit has an easy to follow how-to guide, ensuring you get the hang of the procedures in no time at all.

The Best DIY Gel Nail Kits for all Occasions

Sensationail are producers of some of the best home gel nail kits in the UK, allowing women to take control of their nail beauty and take back some of their time. Life can be busy and it can be hard to juggle work with social functions, family events and dates with your partner and of course you’ll want a different nail look for each occasion!

Thankfully, you can create beautiful manicures to suit each outfit and party mood, with the easy to apply and remove Sensationail DIY manicure kits. The Sensationail gel manicure kits are perfect for the busy woman, who loves to take care of herself and has a busy family/social life. Each gel polish kit comes with all the tools you need to create beautiful nails, in the minimum amount of time.

Easy to Follow, How-to Manual in Each Gel Manicure Kit

Each gel nail polish starter kit contains; gel nail polish, gel primer, base/top coat, gel cleanser, lint free wipes, peel off nail shields, nail buffer, manicure stick, LED lamp and a how-to booklet. Each layer of your manicure is designed to seal in the previous and the high power LED lamp cures each coat in seconds, meaning you don’t have to wait around worrying about smudging your polish.

Sensationail have created a large range of products, ensuring you’ll find the right gel polish kit that suits your needs. You can try out a ‘polish to gel kit’, which will transform your old polishes into a glossy, gel manicure. You can even try out an ‘express gel one step kit’, if you’re really pressed for time.

If you want the best at home gel manicure kit, that is easy to use, will save you money and will make your nails look stunning – look no further than the range of Sensationail gel polish kits. Once you try them out, you’ll never go back to using normal nail polish. Get ordering your Sensationail nail kit today!