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Transform ANY polish into a gel.

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What if you could turn any nail polish into a gel?

Tired of nail polish that lacks shine, takes a long time to dry and chips after only a few days?

Now you can easily turn your favourite nail polish into a quick dry, high shine, long lasting gel polish manicure with SensatioNail polish to gel transformer.

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How it works

How polish to gel transformer works

Mixing Method

Mix polish to gel transformer


Equal parts polish to gel and your nail polish

Paint polish to gel transformer


Sweep on. Cure in SensatioNail LED lamp for 30 seconds

Protect with polish to gel transformer


Seal in colour with polish to gel and cure for 15 seconds

Gel top coat method

Paint polish to gel transformer


Sweep on your favourite nail polish and let dry

Protect with polish to gel transformer


Apply a thin layer of polish to gel and cure for 15 seconds


Starter Kit

SensatioNail polish to gel starter kits are available for £49.99 and contain all you need to turn your own nail polishes into gel manicures.

Polish to gel transformer starter kit includes: the latest LED lamp with super-fast cure time and USB adapter, primer, polish to gel transformer, cleanser, mixing bowl and lint-free wipes.

Buy a polish to gel starter kit today FREE DELIVERY…

£49.99 Buy Now
polish to gel transformer starter kit


Polish to gel transformer refills are £15.00 for the large size (14.78ml) and £9.99 for the small (7.39ml).

Refills are available exclusively from the SensatioNail official website as well as larger Boots stores and


polish to gel transformer refill £15.00 Buy Now


Limitless Colour Options

Turn any nail polish into a gel - including all your favourite nail polish colours. Plus mix different polishes with polish to gel transformer to create completely new colours.

No Dry Time

Polish to gel transformer cures colours in 30 seconds and top coat in 15 seconds - using the latest SensatioNail LED lamp. Once you wipe at the end of your manicure, it’s completely dry. That’s much faster than normal nail polish dries and it’ll last at least twice as long!

High Shine

Polish to gel transformer creates a high shine gel finish when mixed with normal nail polish or used as a top coat.

No Chipping

Ultra strong nails with polish to gel transformer. Normal nail polish can chip easily but polish to gel transformer strengthens the polish resulting in longer wear and stronger nails.

Lasts up to 10 Days

Normal nail polish will usually last two to four days. Use with polish to gel transformer and your nail polish will last for up to 10 days!

Easy to remove

Remove Polish to Gel quickly and easily with acetone, either using our foil nail wraps or by soaking. Removes in half the time of standard SensatioNail gel polish!

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