Total Beauty names the new Nail Shield from SensatioNail one of January's 8 Drugstore Beauty Buys to try! See what they have to say about SensatioNail and check out the entire list here.Nail Shield

Gel Manicure Nail Savior

I've recently jumped on the gel manicure bandwagon because I'm obsessed with Paintbox,NYC's hottest new nail salon. Unfortunately, my nails aren't as happy about this development as I am -- they're brittle and uneven. (But they look pretty!) That's why I'm so excited about the SensatioNail Nail Shield, $7.99. It's basically a sticker you apply before your gel polish that makes removal incredibly easy -- you simply peel it off. Magically, it doesn't change the look or longevity of a gel mani at all -- but it saves you from soaking, scraping and destroying your nails when it's time to remove it.