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Gel Polish Starter Kit

4.7/5 stars
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Your SensatioNail® Starter Kit includes everything you need for 10 perfect gel applications!  Kit includes the exclusive Pro 3060 LED Lamp - designed to safely and quickly flash- cure your favorite Gel Polish, sealing in the color to a glossy, damage-proof, mirror-like finish.  After 10 manicures simply purchase the Essentials Kit and the color of your choice and you're good to go again.

Color: Raspberry Wine

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    5/5 stars
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    If there is one thing that I am MOST concerned about it is how my nails looks at all times. I have been getting my nails done acrylic and now shellac for 15 years (since age 12). I spend any where from 45-100 depending on toe polishes/pedicures as well. I bought the kit today just to see exactly how well it would work. I am used to the 1 hour process it takes for removal and preparation so the time does not bother me, let's face it my nail salon day is my me time. It was relaxing and at home which was super convenient. I obviously had some first time struggles like perfect lining along the cuticles and edges of my nails but I'm hoping in due time shall change. For the overall price versus what I was paying every 2-3 weeks it really does save me and my husband money in the long run. Plus the time and extra money spent when I nail would chip and break and have to be repaired immediately. I am by no means a fan of chipped ugly nails. I've recieved many compliments over the years at the way my nails are presented because I take pride in how they look. Nails being done just compete any outfit on any day. Plus who doesn't love feeling pretty and girly from time to time!

  • Overall
    5/5 stars

    What a wonderful product! I wonder if we can used the Shellac with the led lamp?

  • Overall
    5/5 stars

    I love this product! I was very skeptical about buying one because they're not too cheap but I read reviews and decided to and I love it! I could never get regular nail polish to stay on more than a day and my nails were always short and broke very easily. Now after using this sensationail gel polish my nails are longer and don't break even half as often! I am so glad I bought it and recommend it to everyone! Espically if they have short brittle nails!