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Essentials Kit

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Your SensatioNail® Essentials Kit replenishes all the essentials you need to create a sturdy 2-week manicure.  Use the Essentials Kit alone for a clear manicure or use it with the SensatioNail® Color Gel Polish of your choice*.

*SensatioNail® Color Gel Polish sold separately

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Essentials Kit

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  • Overall
    5/5 stars

    It is fantastic

    This is the best nail polish job I have ever done. It is fantastic

  • Overall
    5/5 stars

    If your thinking about getting it its worth every penny.

    Buying this has been the best choice I have made in a long time as far as my nails go. Very satisfied with the products and the quality. I work in a retail cosmetics establishment and have tried several other brands so I can honestly give an opinion and will always suggest Sensationail to my customers. If your thinking about getting it its worth every penny.

  • Overall
    4/5 stars

    I have been successful in having my gel polish last for over a month now. Yeppers!!

    I love this product. I went to my local Target, compared this with 2 other competitors and decided on this one! Call ahead as each store keeps a different stock of the polishes. :) I paid about $56.00 for the starter kit, give or take a couple bucks. You can buy the polish for cheap online at both Target and Walmart. I love those clearance prices for Sensational gel polishes!! At first I had an issue with yellowing on my nails. I have determined this happened because I followed the website's online video tutorial by applying the primer only to the perimeter of the nail bed and edge. This was "...for easier gel removal...". Not true at all in my case as the gel adhered too well and the area NOT primed became yellow. So my opinion is: prime entire nail. I have been successful in having my gel polish last for over a month now. Yeppers!! How? Let me tell you!! 1- moisturize cuticles, then push back 2- lightly file nail bed and shape nail 3- cut / trim back cuticles now that any cuticle is removed from nail bed ( i find this absolutely vital for successful polishing) 4- wash hands with anti-bac soap and rinse well 5- apply the alcohol cleanser (helps to remove excess oils) 6- apply the primer ( acts as bonding agent for nail and gel ) 7- thin layer of clear coat : Do Not touch your cuticles! Go slow if you must or have someone help if your hand is shaky. Don't forget the edges! Wipe excess gel from any skin. Cure for 30 secs. 8- apply 2 - 3 Thin Layers of your favorite color, again avoiding the cuticle. Cure 1 minute each layer. 9- apply thin topcoat in same manner and cure 30 seconds. 10- wipe off with alcohol cleanser and lint free wipes. Now that it's summer I am outside ALOT; gardening, swimming, working in yard, etc. I am BRUTAL to my nails. They are soft and break easily. Not anymore! Seriously, I am so wonderfully glad I bought this. So after first time using this, it lasted 10 days with chips at edges and peeling at cuticles. Why? Hmmmm a cuticle was covered, just barely, but I saw the grow-out edge of the cuticle. So here's what I did to remedy it: 1- lightly sand the entire surface of nail to remove clear coat - keep an eye on it, you will see a difference in the removal of the layer! 2- push back / trim cuticles and shaped nails 3- washed and dried hands 4- SKIP alcohol and went right to the Primer - Primed entire nail 5- apply Clear Coat ONLY to bare nail parts - cure 6- apply 2 Color Coat ONLY to newly topcoated parts - cure 7- apply 1 VERY THIN Color Coat to entire nail (don't forget edges! ) - cure 8- apply 1 Thin Clear Coat - cure and alcohol wipe to finish Note: you can easily "change", or rather shall I say "shift" the color without stripping the entire polish off by doing it this way too. Just file down through some of the color layer, proceed with other steps and then when ready, apply a different color on top. Yes, you must keep in same color family or go darker as the results may allow for some of the original color to show through. But hey, it's quick and you just might like the "new" color you've created. :) This is how I have kept my nails looking great for over a month now. Been to the beach and took the kit with me for any repairs needed, used tools for gardening, cut grass, washed dishes, scrubbed lawn furniture with scratchy sponge - I've done it all. My nails are about 1/4 inch long, which I prefer, shiny and do not bend or break. I know this is long, but if you're on-the-fence whether or not to keep it because you feel unsucessful, just give it one more try with my tips. Happy Gel'n!! Leslie