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  • Overall
    4/5 stars

    I'm giving this color 4 stars instead of 5 because the colors do not match what is on the box, and because the size of these bottles are small (.25 fl oz when most others are usually .5 fl oz). I purchased mauve maven (gorgeous! looks very mauve and perfect for darker skin tones), taupe tulips (was hoping for a nice tan color but it came out more like a very light nude color), in the shade (also gorgeous! has more of a brown/gray color though), pink sand (very pretty baby pink color), rose gold glitter (thinking about returning, was hoping for a true rose gold but its just a dark pink with lots of glitter). (

  • Overall
    2/5 stars

    Jade Treasure is BRIGHT real with shimmer. I was expecting a minty green, but it is more like the color of Island Oasis. Just letting you know!

  • Overall
    2/5 stars

    Be warned that the color of this polish (Jade Treasure) is nothing like it appears in its packaging. I was expecting a minty color but it turned out more of a deep turquoise with a shimmer.