Welcome to the New SensatioNail Blog!

Welcome to the new SensatioNail blog! Looking for nail tips, trends, tutorials and inspiration? Make this your go-to page. Just grab your SensatioNail at-home gel manicure starter kit for everything you need to nail the look!

Is there a particular nail trend that piques your interest or technique you’d love to master? We want to hear it. Let us know in the comments below!

welcome to the sensationail blog

Welcome to the New SensatioNail Blog!

How to Get a Gel Manicure at Home

Welcome to the New SensatioNail Blog!

Nail Inspiration: Layer Up & Fall in Love

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  1. Keisha

    I would LOVE to see some nail tutorials on how to do some of the most trending nail designs. I have just started to try to use my SensatioNail kit to do some fun designs, but I would love to get more inspiration. I absolutely love my SensatioNail kit and can’t wait to see what you guys come up with! :)

    1. Keisha

      A particular nail trend I would like to know how to do is the ombre. I don’t know if it is possible but I adore that look and would love to know how to do it on my nails with SensatioNail.

  2. Becky

    I’d love some tips on the classic french manicure and using striping tape with gel polish – I’m thinking Christmas candy cane pattern!

  3. Casey

    I would love to see tips on how to get a perfect French manicure using polish (not the stickers). Also, I would love to have an opportunity to get some of the beautiful colors that I see on the UK page…can they be offered in the US? Please! :)

  4. Deborah

    I would like to see instructions on how to get some of the beautiful designs on your models. I would also like to see a question and answer option for those of us less knowledgeable customers. I love your product would like to learn all I can. Thank you!!!

  5. Linda

    I love the sensationail kit! I have added new colors to my collection. I have done french styles nails with two different colors and dotted some simple flowers on the ring finger of each hand. I love to try new ideas of decorating my nails. Recently, I found and purchased the new led lamp by sensationail that sets the nails in half the time.

  6. Elizabeth Anderson

    I want to see nail tips/ideas for dummies. 😉 I love looking at designs, but when I try them , there is not enough INFO. And mine never come out well.

  7. Melanie

    My #1 problem with keeping my nails done is that I’m VERY right-hand dominant. My left hand really sucks at doing fine motor skill activities, so therefore it is always very frustrating and difficult to “do” my right hand because my left hand has to do the work. This was a problem prior to SensatioNail too. In all honestly thus far I haven’t been regularly doing my nails more than a few times a year because of this problem. If I didn’t dread doing it because of this issue, I would do it more often. I would love to have my nails done all the time. Other than the obvious ( forcing yourself to practice more often; forcing yourself to try to do more things with your non-dominant hand to help it develop its abilities — which has never worked for me longterm because my dominant hand automatically starts doing stuff like normal without me thinking about it; or getting somebody to help), do you have any tips for overcoming this problem? I truly cannot think of any other ways to try to deal with this, so I understand if there are no other tips. I understand there’s no magic pill for this. Unfortunately.

  8. GG

    I have been doing my own gel manicure for about three years with your products, but I know some people who are just now starting and need beginner videos. I would like to see some more advanced videos on how to do fancier manicures ourselves. Thank you

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